Bigbasket online store review !

Hi All 🙂 On the scale of 1-10 how lazy do you feel during rainy season? Or when you extremly busy with work? Or during winters when you feel like snuggling in bed? Or when it’s hot to go out in the sun during the summers.Wait did I just cover all the seasons? umm I […]

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DIESEL CAFE Mangalore : My experience :)

Hi All 🙂 This is my first stint at reviewing slash talking about my experience about the cafe. Diesel Cafe is set in Balmatta, Mangalore where one can go when they can think of English breakfast a brunch, waffles pancakes, oriental and all things continental.  Basically if you crave something other than the Indian, Dosa, chats and crave […]

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5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Rockrush Jewellery :)

Hi All 🙂 Let’s start with the basics here – we are not here to tell you WHY you should buy your jewellery from Rockrush. We are in fact here to tell you HOW making Rockrush your go-to online jewellery store will be the best decision of your life! And again, giving you 5 reasons […]

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Yoins clothing : For trendy clothes

Hi 🙂 Just few days ago, I was out on shopping trying all the clothes in the shops and making faces as I dint find anything new.And then I come home open few online shops and then I find good clothes. Couple of them I even ended up buying. Online shops have allways managed to […]

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Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World !!

Hi All 🙂 We all possess different kinds of beauty, but that doesn’t stop us from admiring someone’s flawless skin or silky smooth hair, and wondering “How did they achieve it?”Well, wonder no more. Here are some of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets that you should try right now. Bulgaria: Rose Water Did you know […]

Read More : Air track gymnastics

Hi All 🙂 Do you know what are air mats? Have you noticed those bouncy things on the floor in kindergartens or in gym or in yoga classes etc. They are called air mats. Airtrackzone is one company who specializes in this market and are well known. One might think what is so special in air […]

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3 Places To Shop For Designer Dresses!!

Hi All 🙂 Being stylish isn’t always about the labels, but many girls dream about a designer dress for prom or homecoming. Shopping for formal weal, especially designer dresses, can be hard work. It takes time, research, and sometimes, many hours of trying on – or at least knowing what best suits your shape. So, […]

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