Get your name on your necklace :)

Hello All 🙂

I have always loved the idea of having my name imprinted on necklace..
Or the one with Infinity symbol.
You know those dainty things which just adds onto the charm of your outfit and makes a statement in a subtle way.

It is not only cute but also becomes special when someone gifts it to you. Get my name necklace is something I have always loved, In fact I used to own one.

Today let me share about a website called ” Get Name Necklace ” that specializes in name, family, birthstone necklace etc. who not only have offers worldwide shipping but also many options to choose from. The collection they have is so amazing, you’ll have hard time choosing one.


The thing which caught my attention the most is the photo namenecklace . Now having a name necklace or having an initial is something which we have seen before but having photo necklace is unique. Get name necklace allows us to customize the necklace the way we want it. All you have to do is upload a picture, pick a name of your choice and select the chain length. Processing time is usually 3-5 days.If you want to go for expedited shipping, faster delivery, even that option is available. Of course the shipping will be extra in such cases but according me having an option is always a plus.

And if you are confused on which necklace to pick for women, i’ll tell you the foolproof idea which can never go wrong. Get a heart necklace. This website Gives tons on option on them. You can either have plain crystal fitted heart, or many hearts dangling in one type of chain or the one with together forever engraved heart necklace. The best option is angel winged heart shaped necklace which opens up it’s angel wings, to show the enclosed picture which you have selected. Customization is available for this type of chain as well.

Them hearts 🙂

Getnamenecklace not only gives tons of options in necklace but they offer rings, bracelets,earrings and charms too. The website lists the offers, collection names and the products in the neat manner. Navigating in the website is very easy and one can reach their desired selection in no time too. All the possible questions you might have during shopping have all ready been answered in their FAQ sections. However, they have a live chat and email support team, if you any other issues or concerns. So next time you want a personalized name necklace for yourself or for the loved ones, Do check this website out.

Do you enjoy having a name necklace? Isn’t a photo necklace is a unique thing?

Live Life to The fullest

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