Let’s talk about Waist trainers :)

In one of my last post I spoke about Shape wear.

Continuing on the same lines I will be talking Loverbeauty shapewear . An online website, who offer wide variety in shapewear and other ladies inner wear. They ship worldwide, ship within 24 hours. Along with the return and exchange, they have a good customer service who will take care of all the customers query very well.

One of the product i’l talk about is Waist trainers.


Waist trainers are nothing but a modern day corset. They go on tightly on your midriff, giving you a smaller waist. When you wear it , initially it gives you the smaller waist illusion.But once you wear it regularly, during your workouts, when you lift weight, it helps in morphing your waist into smallest. The fabric in it makes the core sweat more and tone faster compared to when you dont wear one.
So it does have its temporary effects and permanent effect depending on how yo use it. You can see Kardashians talking about these all the time. You might ask does it work, yeas combined with weight training and healthy diet routine one can get a smaller waist. Hey hard-work never fails, whether you are normal sized girl or plus sized girl. That’s why Lover beauty has tons of plus size waist trainer , along with the normal sized ones.

If you are looking to smoothen just the tummy area, and not really bothered about the smaller cliched waist and just want to smoother tummy area, temporarily, then tummy control bodysuit would be a good idea. Just like the name suggests, it controls the tummy and gives a smooth looking surface. These are great if you want a wear a gown or a tight dress. Don’t be under the impression that every flat tummy you see on the internet is flat one. Some times it’s just a tummy controller underneath the gowns, which makes the overall look effortless. Don’t be shy to get one of these to look special in those special days.


Do you use a waist trainer?

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