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In this post I am going to talk about Air tumble track, which is not related to beauty or fashion.

Before I talk about the Air tumble track, let me tell in what are tumble tracks. We all might have seen this, but until we read the description we will not know which is what.

Green Gray Air Gymnastics Track Mat

Tumble Track is mainly used by gymnasts. Gymnasts has to perfect their somersaults, flips and other skills and Tumble Track helps them in perfecting them. Tumble Track is a bouncy platform, which is cushioned. Which helps gymnasts perform acrobatic skills, and help maintain their balance.These are more used in practicing than the competition. Now Air tumble track is Air filled tracks, which are inflatable, of course not cushioned.

These has been famous now a days due to its mobility, compact storage and due to how light weight they are. Since they do not have any padding tin them, they are light weight. And once they are deflated they can be rolled up and store them in compact spaces. Also, due to mobility they are ideal to use in the backyards, during travelling and even in gyms for practicing.

Since the these can add rebound, it makes ideal for gymnasts and athletes to bounce, to practice their skills and maintain balance. These help a person to bounce several inches in the air..

As I said due to its light weight nature these can easily fit the car trunk,making it ideal picnic companion. Also, since these perform well on the grassy backyard, I can see this as a fun option for kids in the summer too. So these can be used by gymnasts as well as kids in the backyard.

New arrival Rainbow Air mat

You can get these amazing air mat from “Tumblemat” . They are the biggest air tumble track gymnastics manufacturer from the last 9 years. And since they are in this game since long, they know how to produce quality tracks. They use high quality materials to manufacture mats. The mats are observed for 12 hours to ensure no air leaking. And once that is done, they further observe it for 24 hours and ensure that the no problems are detected. And clean it well before shipping it to customers.

Since they are mass producer for the product , they do offer product at wholesale prices. With the worldwide shipping, you can buy from anywhere in the world. Tumblemat.com offers various kinds of measurements in their products. However, they even allow you to customize according to your needs. They provide daily 12 hours of online service and no 12-hour exceeding email reply.

Along with the product A special bag will be sent along with it to carry it anywhere. You can even print a logo on your gym tumble track. The website is very well designed and once you click on a particular product, all the details, colors, measurements, shipping details are given on the page it self.

Quality products at cost effective prices. Do check them out.

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