L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Gloss Rouge Envy : Review, swatch

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Hi all, I have always loved, loved the liquid lipstick because of the pigmentation it has, but great things comes with some glitches. Dry flaky lips, lipstick cracking in middle of the day are the flaws of liquid lipstick no matter which brand or shade I have tried. I find the liquid lipstick which don’t […]

Loreal Hydrafresh Hydration Antiox Active Night Mask-In Jelly review

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Hi All 🙂 This Loreal Jelly thing has been in my wishlist forever, along with it’s icy cool gel and a serum. I don’t know I never really bought them despite it’s affordable price tag though managed to say ” oooo” every time I was in Loreal counter =)) Giving SA’s almost hope that I will […]

L’oreal Paris Moist Matte Limited Edition Swarovski Lipstick in Rasberry syrup: Blingy pink lipstick

Hell All 🙂 I got 99 problems and internet is one of them. That’s why  I have been very low on reading blog post, posting, replies, entering giveaways..Sigh!! My never ending problems with internet.  Anyhoo, It’s said “Diamonds are girls best friend”.  But I don’t prefer blings in everything.  Even when it comes to jewellery […]

Lakme 9 to 5 Insta Light Instant Glow Creme, L’oreal Paris 20+ Anti Imperfections Whitening Cream : To solve my oily skin wooes

What a particular skin type person does: Oily Skin: Wants a matte face for longer time so keeps buying product which claims to do so.Dry skin : Keeps moisturizing the face well, wants a glow and dewy finish.Combination skin: Always in a whole lot of confusion about products. 2 types of products for a single […]

Just another haul post : Makeup, skincare, Freebies

Hello Gorgeous 🙂 Its been while since I did a haul post. I  have bought these things from mid February onwards. I have been purposely avoiding Revlon, Loreal and other well known brands (could not avoid Lakme though and impossible to avoid Maybelline) as I felt that I am ending up with the same stuff. […]

L’Oreal Pure Rouge : Here are the reasons why you need one for yourself…….

Hellloooooo, These L’Oreal Color Riche Pure Reds Star Collection are the fastest to reach the blogs, fastest to reach counter and even fastest to be on 20% off. Sigh!! Straight away if they would have priced at 700 or something, many of us would have bought many of these. Anyhoo, when they launched the collection […]

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in Orange Tempo : It will remind you of Orange candy

Hello Alll, Lately the L’Oreal lipsticks got me cray cray, because 1: price is high 2: shades and quality are to die for. L’Oreal has brought out these amazing infallible, liquid lipsticks, moist mattes and new one star red collection, ranging from 899 to 999INR ( All of them sound 1 K for me). We […]