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Hello Gorgeous 🙂

Its been while since I did a haul post. I  have bought these things from mid February onwards. I have been purposely avoiding Revlon, Loreal and other well known brands (could not avoid Lakme though and impossible to avoid Maybelline) as I felt that I am ending up with the same stuff. Next I want to try some Essence, NYX goodies. For now, these are some of things I got.

From Rimmel London: 

I hated that Rimmel products were Out of stock everywhere. Who knew Rimmel counter will open up in my city that too in the mall which is 5 mins away from my home =)) .

Rimmel London Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara Black – 520INR : Hard to find and first to go out of stock soon, could not let that happen so I picked it up.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Bronze – 315INR : Wanted to try this range. (Review here)
Rimmel London Stay Glossy 3D Lip Gloss – 475INR. Its for Mum
Rimmel Stronger Base Coat & Strengthener – 265INR . This works,my nails have stopped chipping in just 2 weeks of usage. Review here 

From Lakme:

Lakme 9 to 5 Crease-Less Crème Lipstick in Wine Order – 450INR : I have avoided this shade for so long finally gave into temptation. (Review here)

Lakme Dual Sharpener – 60INR : I am happy with the Local ones priced at 20INR but could not find one. This one is fancy for me.

The Pencils:

From Maybelline3 new shades of colossal khol – 249INR each:  Love them. ( Review here )
Faces Magnet eyes Kajal – 175INR : Not bad ( Review here)
Coloressence lipliner in Red Rose – 225INR: I have used this only twice but sharpened it 4 times, there is something with the product 🙁

From Luxola: 
On March 1 and 2nd Luxola offered free shipping on any order. Whatever I wanted was not in stock but I dint wanted to let go this offer, so I picked up the not so expensive ones and used the coupons, points  in the account. The total came up to 600INR for these two things and freebies tooo. Yay!!

Sleek blush in Sahara: Looked more orangy in online swatch but its more brown. That’s okay; it works as transition shade for me.
Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Color in A Stiff Pink: Bright Barbie Pink. It’s the best stick crayon lipstick ever used, it turns darker on lips within an hour. Will be reviewing this soon. (Review here)

Skin love:

Vedantika anti acne mask- 185INR: Summer=Sweat=pimple. Enough said.
Bought it on Shayoni ‘s recommendation, you can view her review on the product here: Sweet and bitter blog .

JUST Herbs Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrate Face Wash- 245INR : Wanted something from Aroma Magic but could not find it in time. I know this works for me so picked this up instead ( review here)
Just Herbs Af’fair Skin Lightening Night Cream Review – 345INR : Love it. (Review here) .

StudioWest Radiance by Westside: Bodyscrub in Aloe Vera & Green Apple – 399INR: Always a snotty SA would protect the skincare counter, last Sunday she was not there so got this. Also, I don’t want my TBS Rasberry scrub to get over. Review here

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Anti Imperfections, Whitening 20+ Cream -99INR : I read that it keeps the face oil free so I got it.

It’s a Gadget but it’s for hair so…

Philips HP8658 Essential Care Air Styler (White/Pink)- 1695INR : Most of the time my hair looks I have put my head in blender and I am okay with it. I repeat I am okay with that!!! But on special occasion I do want some help in hair department. It works great on my hair. Review here


From Luxola: Looks like free stuff costed more than what I bought =)) Zoeva Petite crease brush, pocket mirror and 2 product samples.

Maybelline Express nailpolish: The girl at the counter gave me this saying “Whenever you buy there will no offer at all and you are our regular customer”. Yes I smiled like a retard 😀

Rimmel Red and Black pouch: There was a choice between Tote bag and this, the tote bag hadRimmel London written in bold letter so I picked this. I like that it has two separate pouches.

A closer look at the Zoeva Petit Crease brush. Love how ” You are beautiful ” is engraved on it. Not sure but I think it retails for 5.80 pound,…

I have ordered a Essence Blush Brush – 349INR as well, it will take some days to reach me. I have shared some products on Instagram as soon as I got them. You  can follow me on my Instragrm here 🙂

Did any haul recently ? See anything interesting in this haul?? Do share…

Live life to the fullest

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