Makeup Haul: I mean my impulse buys :D

As I type this my mind is wandering around the Aztec printed trousers I saw in the store yesterday. Amazing fit but do I need it…ummm I want it. not a need.. but it’s so cute. may be….but arghhh. Toughest thing for a girl is to resist buying clothes, shoes. Tougher
is when you see the stuff you wanted for so long on discount; Not giving into the temptation, making up your mind or even placing the final order.

During the Nykaa sale if someone from the website back-end was watching my activities, they would definitely be shouting ” Crazy lady, make up your mind” … ha ha ha. Are’t we all the same O:) .

So on one of my random browsing, staring/ gazing products, I ended up on . After looking at the deals, made up my mind to buy some  products, not a necessity though.

I have mentioned the prices I got them for 🙂

Colorbar primer is a serious life saver in the humid weather. It keeps the makeup/face fresh for 5+ hours. After that, oily skin will slowly start oozing oil, but manageable. Worth the hype and the price. I will not be using the silicon primer on daily basis, but when you have a long day ahead it’s a must.

I have got 2 Mascaras already which are in the verge of drying . So will be using the Loreal Mascara after that. Let’s hope it lives up to it’s claim. Fingers crossed.

The Maybeline Hyper-liner is again worth the hype. Have not stopped using it after I received it. Now that’s the self explanatory.

The only thing which is must/important for me out of this haul is Lakme eyekonic brown kajal. This Kajal is the reason I reached the website. I bought these goodies way before some of the blogs mentioned about the sale. But the products reached little late. Felt like they travelled alot of cities before they reached me. I saved around 450INR on the bill. Not bad. But again except Kajal nothing else was that important for me =)) .

As Diwali is near all the websites are going crazy. 50%+40%.. ahh crazy. I got a message saying upto 80% off + Extra 32% off. Have they even double checked the message before advertising it 😐 Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Anyhoo, Diwali is near. My Diya, candle shopping is done. Crackers will be at the last minute. Have you finished your Diwali shopping yet? 🙂

Live life to the fullest.


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