Plum Wild Cherries and Kiwi Oh-So-Polished Body Scrub : Review.

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Hello Cupcake 🙂 You know Koovs right? Don’t know :O !! Stop reading this and go to the sale section of it like right now and you can read this later. Just goto the sale section. If you know koovs, I bought Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi Oh-So-Polished Body Scrub product during the 50% off crazy […]

Nyassa Tiramisu Body Scrub: My experience with it !!!

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Hi All 🙂 Everytime I use a body scrub, my reaction to it: OMG its so good!!! OMG I could have tottaly DIY’d it =)) I am sharing my experience with Nyassa Tiramisu Body scrub which I received in Feb Fabbag 2016. Price: 900INR ($13.50) for 215gm What does NYASSA claim about the product, the information about the product, the ingredients: Click here […]

Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher: Review

Hello All:) I think there is something called as Peer pressure shopping. You know the situation where your friends and family seems to be buying something or the other and you stand there with empty hand. And then you get into the pressure and buy something. That happened with this product. I had emptied radiance […]

RADIANCE by StudioWest Aloe Vera & Green Apple Body scrub : Yummy Stuff !!!

Hello All, RADIANCE by StudioWest, it has range of bath & body products, scrub, facewash, Bath gel, body butter and soap. I don’t know the exact price of each, but all of them are priced under 499INR. I have normal skin. The Aloe Vera & Green Apple range pleased my nose that’s the reason I picked […]