Fab India Panchpushp Makeup Remover: Review

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Hi all 🙂 While browsing online I came across Fab India Panchpushp cleaning oil. I wanted to try that since cleaning oil/balm seems to be everywhere. But………. There is allways a But!!! The cleaning oil wasn’t there in the store, but Fab India Panchpushp Makeup Remover caught my eyes. So I got this instead. Lets see how […]

Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher: Review

Hello All:) I think there is something called as Peer pressure shopping. You know the situation where your friends and family seems to be buying something or the other and you stand there with empty hand. And then you get into the pressure and buy something. That happened with this product. I had emptied radiance […]

My skin care routine: The products which keeps me kinda oil and pimple free :D

Hello Gorgeous 🙂 I live in a city which offers humidity throughout the year, a few temperature drop in the name of the winter, showers in the sunny summer :/ So my skincare routine does not change much , to be precise I don’t experiment much. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fare […]

It does what it doesn’t cliam to do: FAB INDIA TEA TREE TONER

Presenting Alcohol free toner with “Propylene Glycol”  in it. You don’t have to be that sarcastic Okay!! Really, don’t you have Propylene Glycol in you? Yeah I do! They say you control oil. Do you? Not completely, for 1-2 hours. Do you clear blemishes? No idea. I might, but not completely. Don’t you have phenoxyethanol in you? Is […]

Haul Post: One re-purchase + whole lot of new products = Me HAPPY ^-^

Hello lovelies, How are you? How was the weekend? I had quite a busy weekend. My weekend was all about show-light/wall light shopping for home decor. It was so boring. I swear every show-light either looked like a milkshake cup or the up-side down milkshake cup :/ ( Yes, I am weird Like that ). […]