I am using you because I paid for you -_-

Look at these products below:

Yes, I am using these products becuase I paid for them. I usually binn the products which doesnot work for me and have side effects. Since these 6 products are not doing any harm, I am using them.

Garnier strengthening shampoo fall fight : 
I knew it and have heard it  that these shampoos don’t work, yet I gave it a try. It doesnot control hairfall or strenghts hair. Only grace point is it smells really nice, so I use it to wash my gym clothes 😀

FabIndia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel :
No effect on darkcircles, puffiness or any lines. Just mositures them which even a simple aloe vera gel will do. I hope it gets over in next month, cannot take it anymore.

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm :
What The Body Shop product!!??? Yes, not all The Body Shop products work. The surface of the lipbalm hardens and then I have scrape it so that I can use the good part. Has shimmers, which travelled out of lips. Moisturises for 1 hour. If I don’t scrape of the hard part, lipbalm manages to scratch the lips.

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rosé :
Smells heavenly. That’s all. moisturizing power is okayish , not for heavy chapped/ dry lips. It leaves white cast on the lips, even Mom who does not care about beauty products, noticed it and asked “Did you apply Toothpaste on lips??”-_- .

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Serum:
It does make your hair silky, but a little too silky for my like. It makes my oily hair more oily , makes it limp and gives me that I want to wash my hair nowwala heavy feeling. I use it sometimes before shampooing hair, so that the hair can look healthy and shiny.

New Everyuth naturals Exfoliating Walnut Scrub :
Used it and worked for 3-4 times. Later it lost its power and after using the scrub white heads/blackheads are intact.Sigh!! I use it as a bodyscrub, foot scrub…somehow I want to finish it.

I am forcing myself to use them, so that I can experiment with some other products. Otherwise before I know I’ll be hoarding products, which I do not want.

Yes, there are hits and misses in the beauty world, but even the misses have it’s own charm. With time one will learn which products will work for them. Be curious, be experimental, that’s how we grow 🙂

Live life to the fullest



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