My skin care routine: The products which keeps me kinda oil and pimple free :D

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I live in a city which offers humidity throughout the year, a few temperature drop in the name of the winter, showers in the sunny summer :/ So my skincare routine does not change much , to be precise I don’t experiment much. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fare share of breakouts, pimple marks, oily skin …ughh. Just that I know what is working for me now and I am sticking to them. I do switch up products in a while so that my skin does not get used to my favourite but that too after reading tons of reviews online.

Let me share with you all the skincare items I am using currently. These are not only working for me but also helping my skin be pimple free and keep oil at bay. So let’s get started.

Loreal Paris Youth Code Luminize Super Serum : I started using it 10 days ago. I swear by Ponds Gold radiance Serum, it does wonders for my skin. I just don’t want my skin to get used to it and I found the Loreal serum on a good offer. So far so good.

VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream Skin Defense: This works. First eye cream which actually worked for me. Affordable and effective. . You can view the review here: click me .

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Hydroxyl  Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturiser : All those words which they have used to describe the name, let me tell you all are true. I keep coming back to this; I love that healthy look it gives to skin. This has a capacity to keep the face matte 6 hours if the weather isn’t that humid.

Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening toner:  Toners never worked for me until I started using this regularly.  It keeps the oil at bay. I still get oily feeling but oil production has reduced.  I don’t wake up with Oil layer on the face in the morning. Pore tightening effect..umm yet to see any difference. Try this if you have oily skin.

Just Herbs Fair’e Mulethi-Khus Skin Lightening Gel: I love this. My face would start itching sometimes, for unknown reasons. This gel soothes my skin, after I stared using this skin never itched, plus my Mum says that face looks even and brighter. I think it kinda removes the tan off. ( Review )

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50 : It keeps the face matte, protects the skin from sun, love it. This is my second tube, once I am done with this, I am getting the aroma Magic one .

Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash : It’s a light, mild, sulfate and paraben free facewash. I wanted Aroma Magic facewash which I could not get the that on time. ( Review )

Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-ageing Foaming Cleanser: On my 4th tube. It removes light makeup without any effort. I love… love… this.

Following two products I have bought it on the suggestion from Shayoni of Sweet and bitter blog .

Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Mask  : It destroys the pimple. If you apply this when the pimple is about to come, the pimple just vanishes.  If you apply it on the existing pimples, on me it vanishes with leaving just a dot type of mark.

Fab India Charcoal Scrub : I had eye on this from forever, then Shayoni raved about it. I had to get it. It is the only scrub which works for me and it has about a usage left. Shows my love towards it, doesn’t it.

Just Herbs Livelyclean honey ex foliating face cleansing gel : This is more like an Mild scrub, its Sulphate and paraben free too. It’s for my cheat days, when I want the scrubbing to get over quickly. ( Review )

I dont use any anti Tan products as rubbing tomato on the face works best for me and the rest Just herbs night gel takes care. I had used the toner long back but I never saw any difference as it’s a combination of these products which are working. I suggest  Vedantika Herbals Anti Acne Mask for the pimple prone skin, as it really is a miracle product. I do get pimple occasionally when I miss any of these and due to dust, pollution. We can not really do anything about it, just that we have to find the products that work for us.

Pstttt: Some of the lovely bloggers and I have shared some tips/products we use in summer here: Click me  Do check it out.

Which products are you using in your skincare routine? Do you spot any of your favourite in this list? Do share…..

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