Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick review : Mishti, Boho

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I have Three shades { 2 mini, 1 Full size} shades from Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick range and today i’ll review the minis I have as I have a different opinion on the full size ones.

Nykaa liquid lipstick  review, Nykaa Mishti, Nykaa Boho, Nykaa liquid lispticks
Nykaa liquid lipstick

Lets go ahead with the review:
These Liquid Lipsticks come in plastic tube. The mini’s have black cap transparent body. These come in a cardboard box with the details on them and have symbols imprinted on them. These mini’s have doe foot applicator which is hard to touch. More than the packing I think I got to talk about the formulation of these.
Texture and performance: Now I have tried N number of liquid lipsticks and this one’s bit different. The texture is rather watery, it’s thin, feels almost like tint on lips. Though pigmented, these don’t go opaque on lips like the other liquid lipsticks. They sit with powdery matte finish on the lips. One coat is all it requires, more than it ends up being crumbly and the product feels heavy.
It does not cover pigmented lips. The darkness of the lips peaks through the shades I have. The shade dries down in 3 minutes. They do wear off from the center of the lips after the meal. Prepping of the lips is a must just like in the case of any other liquid matte.

Nykaa liquid lipstick  review, Nykaa Mishti, Nykaa Boho, Nykaa liquid lispticks
The applicator
Nykaa liquid lipstick  review, Nykaa Mishti, Nykaa Boho, Nykaa liquid lispticks swatches

The shades I have differ from each other:
Mishthi: Reddish pink shade. Which will suit everyone. This has difficulty adhering to lips. I always see an inconsistency in shade coverage when lips are overly moisturized with lipbalm. I love mixing this with the bullet lipstick I have. On its own no so much.
BoHo: Dusty Rose Shade, beautiful shade which masses like. Lovely shade and much more creamy consistency than the Mishti. The shade when applied is bit rosy pinky and lovely, but once it dries, it kind of becomes one of those MLBB colors. Again, I love it to mix it with other shades

This purchase of mine was Meh for me. I really don’t enjoy them. I sucked into hole of ” Oh Minis so cute..tiny tiny babies”. These are not really for the pigmented lips. According to me there is difference in texture across the shades, however all are thin, watery kind. If you really want to try this stick to minis first, then go for full sized ones. Still not a must try according to me.

Pried at : INR 239 for 1.8ml

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