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I would call my choice of body wash fragrance as miscellaneous. I dont like fruity or flowery scent when it comes to bath products. I love a good fresh spa like smell, a ocean kind of fresh smell or a bit of Deo kind of scent. Allways Fiama-di-wells, Palmolive, Nivea, Lux meets my needs, is affordable and easily available. Recently I picked one up from the CintholĀ  just before theĀ  lockdown and I have been enjoying these 3 currently. They all lather well,Ā  wash of the dirt very well and dont really dry out the skin.

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Shower gels šŸ™‚

Fiama Di Wills Patchouli and Macadamia Shower Gel ( 199INR for 250 ml): Fiama adds macadamia to bath product and I keep bringing it home. Very complex, enchanting nutty sort of  scent, which I love. The sparkly deep pink shower gel ensures a spa like environment in the bathroom. The scent lingers on body for half an or so too. 

Cinthol Fresh Burst Head to Toe Shower Gel(150 INR for 190ml): A no colored shower gel, has a fresh deo like scent. If you have ever used Cinthol soap or powder, its exactly that. It is head to toe meaning can be used for hair too. It does clean your hair very well but makes it dry if you use it continuously for hair. Perfect for those morning baths before work or at the start of the day, when you need a burst of freshness to start your day with energy. Used it on the extremely dirty muddy hair, gel cleaned it thoroughly.

LUX Scarlet Blossom Body Wash ( 99 INR for 235ml ) : An old favorite ( Circa 2011) but a super favorite. Deep berry Pink colored body wash gives that spa kinda fragrance. A sophisticated scent that puts me in good relaxing mood after the bath. I usually love this for my long shower at the end of the day, before I hit the bed. The spa like scent lingers for 1 hour on body too.

I love these 3 bodywashes and recommend them too if you are not fond of fruity and flowery scent in the bath products or don’t care about parabens. 

Which bath products are you using currently? have you used any one of the above? Do share

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