: Shoe heaven :)

Hi All 🙂

Tell me one thing my Girlies ,Do you like shoes ?
Did you just say yes?? or just said Duh !! I won’t blame you lol 😛

Shoes just like the dress, the bags and accessories play an important role in girl’s life and to overall look/style. I would call them a finishing touch to the outfit. After all, wrong footwear or just basic foot wear can go wrong at so many levels.

But with so many styles around, is there any guarantee that we will get all of those under one roof? well online shops yeah, offline stores I doubt. One such online store, who sell shoes in plethora of styles is Flat Shoes, heels, Chinese vintage style shoes you name it and they have it.


Based in China, is a global online retailer. They come with the tagline “One world, one price”. They want to empower people worldwide; whether they are seller or buyers, by keeping the lowest price possible while bringing the top quality products out. They buy directly from the Chinese manufacturers, that is the reason they are able to keep the price at the lowest.

As I mentioned earlier, has Women’s Shoes for all the occasion. Sports, casual, beach wear etc etc. You can even sort the shoes based on these occasion . Along with that one can sort the shoes based on the closure ( Like Buckle, hook etc ), heel height, platforms type and of course colours. If you are picking up random shoes then it’s okay, but if you looking for a shoes for particular occasion, this sorting definitely helps and saves times. I honestly loved that part of the website most. Beside that the sections and on the whole website is easy to navigate.

Once you have selected the product, you will land on the product page, which has all the details about the product.  For example if you have chosen a leather Fashion Boots , the Brand, description regarding the material, Heel height, colour is listed on the page. Reviews of the customer and other colors available if any. Also many pictures of the product for you to see it in many angles, plus styling tips on the same page.

Leather Boots
Leather Boots
Flat Shoes
Flat Shoes
Vintage Chinese Ethnic Embroidery Shoes
Vintage Chinese Ethnic Embroidery Shoes

Once we have placed the order OMGNB.COM sends out the details of the delivery time in about 1-2 business days and shipping details once they have shipped the items including the tracking details. They only charge the shipping charges once no matter how many items are there in the order. They provide 24 hour customer support on
weekdays. So you can contact them for any doubts. All the information about them, the shipping details the rest of the details are listed on their website itself. Along with women’s shoes they even offer beauty products, bags and other thousands of products at great price. Do check them out.

Do you like shoes ? 😛

Live Life To The Fullest

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