Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature AZ-14 : Review, swatch, LOTD

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Due to the matte liquid lipstick trend, the Arezia Matte Me Lipsticks are making some noise. They have been called as Sleek Matte Me Dupes. I got one of the shades aย while a back namedย Marron Mature, so now lets move onto the review of it.

Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature
Arezia Matte Me Lipstick

Price:ย 200INR for 6ml ( Varies from 150-350INR)

Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature

My experience with the Arezia Matte Me Lipstick:

Packaging : Transparent tube with the matte black cap. Something like the original Sleek matte me lipsticks. Has the details written at the bottom. The applicator is Hard, its more like a stick with sponge stuck on it, it is not the softest doe foot applicator I have seen.

Shade: The Shade as the It is a Mix of Dark Brown and Dark Maroon. It will look good on everybody specially Dusky-Dark Skintone. Though it looks like brown indoors, but in daylight it is a Marron shade. The Arezia Matte Me Lipsticks comes in plethora of shades. Like literally, I have seen the whole box full of shades.

Texture and Pigmentation: Creamy and goes on the lips smoothly. These lipsticks are extremely pigmented, on stroke on the lips is enough.

Performance: The finish of this lipstick is Matte ( Oh!! What a genius way to describe the Matte lipstick Swathi!!! ) . Anyhoo the Creamy texture takes about 1-2 minutes to set. The shade does not go patchy and spreads evenly. Its matte so you gotta prep your lips. Does it stay long: Yes and No. It stays intact till lunch or 4 -5 hours. It is transfer proof so it does not transfer and survives little snacks. But the moment you eat lunch theย lipstick goes away from the centre of the lips, if the lunch isย oily it will chip off. Then you gotta reapply the lipstick. All in all it stays 6+ hour stay. Itโ€™s waterproof as well.

Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature
Arezia Matte Me Lipstick


Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature
Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature
Lipswatch !!
Arezia Matte Me Lipstick in Marron Mature
Arezia Matte Me Lipstick

Now after all this good thing Did I like it : No !! I’ll tell you why {CONS HERE }
It has a weird burnt plastic/chemical scent, which is irritating for me. It is not obvious, but the smell is present. The day my health was low the scent gave me headache.
After it sets on the lips, I always feel a bitter plasticy feel/scent at the back of my mouth. Which again I find itย irritating.
You need to moisturize the lips which is okay, but when the lips are moist ( Even a little) the product slides off while applying, which gives an uneven finish to lips.
After it sets into Matte finish, for around 1-1.5 hours , lips feel the stickiness when they are pressed together.
Even while taking off the lipstick, Vaseline takes a little time to break down the formula. It is a hassle.
It is drying, out and out drying formula.

What I am trying to say : A big no from me. The shade selection is gorgeous, affordable, Out and Out matte finish, good performance for the price, but something doesnot fit right for me.
May be because of myย sensitiveย nose. I have seen people liking it, but it gets thumbs down from me. I haveย never seen anyone mentioning theย weird scent, the stickiness, So maybe I got the bad product?? I donโ€™t know the product is a waste for me and it will probably die sitting in the back of my drawer. What a waste of such a gorgeous shade ๐Ÿ™ ย 
If you really really want to try it. Try one and decide for yourself but donโ€™t buy it in bulk .

Have you tried this? Have you got sucked into the Whole Matte liquid lipstick trend?ย 

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