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Few days back Iย posted my wishlist from Dresslinkย here:ย DressLink Wishlistย .

So what now?? The lookbook silly!!!
Here are the clothes I ordered through Dresslink, lets go onto the lookbook. You can either click on the pictures or the link belowย to check the details.

ย Fitted solid colored jacket


Jacket:ย Here


Jacket:ย Here

Royal blueย Crochetย tops

Crochet Short Sleeve Shirt
Crochet Short Sleeve Shirt

Crochet Short Sleeve Shirt:ย Here

White Tank topย 

Tank Top

Tank Tops: Here

Jacket styling

Jacket:ย Here

Now the website details, the shipping, the Q&’s A:ย 

About me: I am 5’7, broad structured person and I wear L-XL size clothes. Some eg: Ginger, westside, Veromoda, Code, Bare Denim etc etc.
Clothes That I ordered: Jacket ( XL) : Perfect fit, White Tank top ( L ): Fits, I could have gone one size higher, Blue Top ( L) : Perfect Fit
Quality : Good. It’s like you get what you paid for. Not the excellent Zara types nor the cheap roadside types.
Price: Ordered clothes worth $12 + Shipping $7. No custom charge.
Shipping Duration: Ordered on 6th Feb, received on 26th Feb. But in the tracking details I could see that the package reached the India Metro place on 23rd Feb.
Post type: I opted for China Post.
Package: It was neatly packed in a plastic.

There is a section calledย $0.01 Items, also free shipping section ย Free Shipping Items, amazing products and no shipping charges.

Final words:ย It’s a good website , be sure of the sizing before ordering. Quality as I said, not the top notch quality but not the cheap type either. Not the used ones, they are new. ย You canย pay through Paypal, they also accept major cards. All the information is listed on the website itself and the website is easy to navigate as well.

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