My take on Colorbar primer…

Your face is shining…I think you have an oily face.. said the photographer. This was the 6th time I was hearing that line from him in that function. 100th time someone was looking at my face with pity. One unknown Aunty said, powder your face. I dint even know most of the people and I was dragged to be the part of those pictures. I lost it and said “Yes, Uncle” to a man in 30’s 😀 .After a point, I always give back( Mrs. S if you reading this, I know you are grinning and nodding your head ) .

But at that very moment I made up my mind to buy a primer. The one from Colorbar and the one which is there in my wish list since it was 650 or something.

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I live in a Coastal area and nothing seems to work because of the humid climate. I have started using the primer from last month itself and this primer behaves different under different weather condition.

So, this is what I noticed:
-Keeps the face fresh for 4+ hours and makeup in place if the humidity level is less.
-If the weather is hot and not that humid, you will sweat but face won’t become oily.
-If weather is humid, after 1.5 -2 hours even though face won’t become a greasy mess you know that  your face is oozing oil, the matte effect is gone and is slowly turning shiny.
-Last month I have visited Bangalore, with that pleasant weather and with this primer, makeup was       present when I was taking it off after 7 hours :O.
-Weather is on the cooler side in my city now, makeup stays on for 5+ hours but matte effect is gone     in 2 hours.

About the Primer:
-No smell and it’s transparent.
-I don’t have major pores, the primer takes care of it.
-It’s silicon so it’s slimy.
-Pea sized amount is enough to cover the face and neck.
-Budget primer.
-It will work better on dry and normal skin.
-I get bumps on face if product has silicones, but this product did not give me any.
-Travel friendly packaging.

Hope this review has been helpful in deciding whether to buy this product or not. I have always heard people saying that it controls oil, but what I did not hear was that this behaves different under different weather.

Once this gets over I will buy the L’Oreal one and check how exactly that behaves on the Oily skin. If you have any question about this primer do let me know. Since I have the product I will be able to experiment with it, before you experiment on yourself 🙂 😉 .

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