Nivea Coloron Crayon Pop Red Review :)

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Hi All 🙂 I Spotted Nivea Coloron Crayons last Month, but as I was In between something, I just postponed buying one of the three cuties to the February. Yes, the girl can control buying now, and don’t buy every other new launches anymore. Anyhow, here is the review of the Nivea Coloron Crayon Pop […]

Juicy Chemistry Lemon & Spearmint lip butter review

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Kiss goodbye to dull, flaky chapped lips with the ultra-nourishing lip care products from Juicy Chemistry. Nourishing Shea Butter butter, rich Avocado oil and soothing essential oils gently address the dryness and help seal in the moisture. The lip butter moisturises dry, chapped lips, leave it smooth and also they penetrate deep into the skin […]

Maybelline Baby Lips Candywow in Cherry: Review, swatch, LOTD

Hello All 🙂 Chubby Pencil? Yes Please Lip balm? Yes Please Lip balm in Chubby Pencil: Double yes..Please..okay pretty please !! So we now have Maybelline Baby Lips in chubby form and called Candy Wow. I have seen them in international blogs, but I really dint expect these to be launched in India. The day […]

MUA Makeup Academy Love Hearts Lip Balm in “Kiss Me”: Review, swatches, LOTD

Hello All 🙂 Okay I have confusion!! (Like Always)   Some of these beauty products come in pot/tub!!! Unhygienic yet attractive!!!  If it does not come in a pot it would not have been that cute to look at !!   Consider hygiene or take a plunge in Cuteness??????? Damnnnn!!! You get it right????? MUA […]

Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lip Balm Stains in A Stiff Pink: Review, swatches, LOTD

Hello All 🙂 This was picked up blindly as the name had Pink in it. The Day I received it, I was over excited, applied it immediately only to realize that the shade kind of washed me out. Applied another layer, ended up with neony bubblegum pink shade. To be honest I was heartbroken, all […]