List of jewellery to be worn by an Indian bride on her wedding day :)

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Indian Bride

The term ‘big fat Indian wedding’ signifies how gorgeous and ritualistic marriage are.  This pompous occasion is celebrated all the family members and friends for almost 1 week. The series of ceremonies starts with haldi followed by Mehndi, Sangeet, wedding and finally the wedding reception. In all these occasions, one of the most important highlights becomes the attire of the bride.  In India, bridal look can never get completed without heavy jewellery. If you are shopping for your wedding then you can look for gold finger ring designs for female, along with simple gold earrings designs with price according to your budget as a gift to the relatives.  


Along with a lehenga choli or a Banarasi saree, a beautiful neck piece is worn by the bride to complement the gorgeous outfit. Commonly, the necklaces used for bridal purposes are made of gold with diamonds set in them in some cases. The main purpose is to balance the makeup and outfit because if the neck is bare or even the neck piece is light then the whole look can go wrong.

Recently some brides have gone out of the box by picking different kinds of neck pieces like Kundan to complement the look and even Platinum.

Nose pin or Nath

Many say that nose pins are the most elegant accessory that a woman can ever wear. In the earlier times, big round nose rings were worn by the brides to signify them as a virgin. It is true that the nose rings became less popular during the 90s. However, in recent days, brides have added nose rings as a must try in their bridal jewellery box.

Nose pins are not to be confused as nose rings or Nath, they are nose studs which can be worn on a daily basis.  Now you can find online many independent stores with unique designs in nose pins.

Finger rings

Throw in the engagement ring but also some classy and elegant finger rings added to the bridal look to give it a magic magical touch. With Mehndi designed all over the hands, large traditional finger rings can add glamour to the photographs taken during the rituals.

There are many stores that precisely stock up bridal finger rings. So, don’t wait for it and pick your favourite style to look heavenly in your most important day.

Maang Tika

This piece of jewellery has an Indian essence and its origin.  It is not necessary to middle parted hairdo for wearing maang tika. Traditionally it is said in between the parted hair, but today’s extremely talented hair stylists have found ways to set the maang tika in different styles. Monkey ka can be of various designs like from the gold bonds which are traditionally used for bride’s, and then the Rajasthani ones which have their own distinct design.  

Maang tika has evolved into being a necessary part of the bridal look. The modern brides prefer to wear a larger maang tika than the smaller ones and keep it simple with a necklace and some bangles.  

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