5 Best Ways to Cleanse Your Skin Naturally !!

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Walk to a supermarket and check out the beauty products available on the shelf and all you will see is chemicals. Not only are these chemicals harmful to our environment, but they also aren’t good for your skin. Despite the bottles promising you instant youth and cleanliness, you are actually just getting damaged skin.

However, it is not to say that water alone is always enough to purify your skin, especially when you are dealing with a teenage skin. Instead of chemicals, you should use natural ingredients to cleanse your skin – you’ll benefit from a cleaner look and more nutrients as well. Here are five methods to cleanse your skin naturally.

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Method #1: Milk

If you want an effective cleanser, you don’t need to look further than using milk. It’s gentle and effective, helping most skin types absorb nutrients and get a fresher look. Milk will help soften the skin tissue and even out the colour. If you use it together with a pinch of salt, you also help exfoliate dead skin. This will help remove impurities and make it easier for the skin to truly absorb the nutrients from milk. When using milk, you naturally want to use organic milk.

How to use milk and salt? Take a few tablespoons of milk and pour it into a small glass. Add a pinch of salt and mix the mixture well. Take a cotton ball and let it soak in the mixture. Dab the milky cotton ball all over your face and neck, letting it soaks around two minutes. You can then rub it gently in a circular motion and rinse it off.

Method #2: Honey

Another great single ingredient cleanser is honey. It’s effective in removing impurities from the skin without exfoliating the skin as much as salt does, for example. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, honey is perfect for cleansing the skin naturally and gently.

Honey also comes with great antibacterial, anti-infective and probiotic qualities. This means that if you have skin issues, such as rash or breakouts, you are not only cleansing the skin but also nourishing it and reducing the inflammation. Not only is honey good for sensitive skin, you can also use it to balance the oiliness on your skin.

You can combine honey and milk to create a mask-like consistency. Allow the mixture to set on your face for a moment and then work it as you would if you were using soap.

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Method #3:Oatmeal

When you need to exfoliate and cleanse, you should turn to using oatmeal. The natural ingredient is effective at soaking in the impurities on your skin and really getting those pores unclogged. Just like honey, oatmeal is gentle so it won’t damage your skin in the process. Furthermore, the ingredient is rich in a nutrient called beta glucan – this helps heal the skin quicker by stimulating collagen production.

The best way to use oatmeal is to combine it with honey and milk to make a mask. You can also add a bit of water for a paste-like consistency. Apply it on your face in circular motion and let it soak for 15-minutes. Wash away and enjoy a soft and clean skin! 

Method #4: Chickpea powder

One of the world’s oldest facial cleansers is actually chickpea powder. The powder is perfect for the evening out the skin tone and softening it. It’s also filled with nutrients that help calm down inflammation on your skin. Chickpea powder is best for oily skins or combination skins – it can dry your skin a bit so if you have very dry skin already, don’t use this method.

One of the best ways to use chickpea powder is to use it together with a bit of turmeric and milk. You can make a paste-like mixture and apply it like a facial mask on your skin. Leave it to settle for a minute and then rub it like you would if you were using any other cleanser.

Method #5: Cucumber

Cucumber on the eyes has been used in so many movies but the natural ingredient is actually an effective beauty treatment. If you want to tighten your skin a bit, cucumber will be a perfect choice. It’s also great at lightening your skin tone and gives it a softer feel.

You can use cucumber by blending it in a blender to create fresh cucumber juice. Use the watery mixture like a toner and rinse your face with the mixture. You don’t even have to rinse it off afterwards if you don’t want – it’s a perfect evening toner and the ingredients will nourish your skin as you sleep.

Now, while there are plenty of beauty products that are all about harmful chemicals, some organic beauty companies have understood the importance of keeping it natural. You can find readymade versions of the above mixtures from organic beauty retailers like Nourished Life and Muktiorganics. If you’re worried about the higher cost of using organic products, check out the saving options at some discount coupon sites, where you can find hundreds of discount coupons to shop with organic beauty retailers.

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