Beautiful Lips And A Stunning Smile: Achieving This For Yourself

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Would you love to hear people say ‘beautiful lips’ and ‘a stunning smile!’ about you? Of course you would! Happily, whatever you have been blessed with can be worked with. It is not a case of needing plastic surgery or fillers. Certainly not! Instead, it is much, much more about discovering different tricks that enhance what you have. Some of these might mean you have to make a change. For example, you will always achieve cleaner teeth with an electric toothbrush than with a manual one. And certain lipstick shades will suit your natural coloring more. Thankfully, each of these points and more are easy to learn. Plus, we’ve consolidated them all in this very guide. So, simply read on to discover how you can achieve lips and a smile to dazzle everyone- and yourself!


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Clean, sparkling teeth

The first step to great lips and a smile starts below the surface. It starts at your teeth, of course. Clean, healthy and straight teeth should be something you strive towards. So, begin by ensuring you have cut down or out on bad habits. Smoking can stain your teeth yellow, for example, as can coffee and tea in excessive amount. Be sure to also take a look at what you are using to clean your teeth. We’ve already touched upon how much more effective electric toothbrushes are. However, if you are then feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice out there, seek out independent reviews. Sites like are a good place to start.


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Achieving soft lips is super easy. Do each of the following three steps. Firstly, increase your daily intake of water. Hydration can help massively. Secondly, after brushing your teeth, gently brush your lips too. Go steady- don’t tear them or cut yourself! Finally, apply a generous layer of a good quality lip balm right before bed. It can then get to work in softening up while you sleep.

Pimple-free skin

When it comes to chasing the perfect smile, the quest doesn’t end at the edges of your lips. It also incorporates the surrounding skin. We can find ourselves touching this area of our faces a lot. As a result, the bacteria on our hands can cause pimples. Reduce the chances of this happening by never applying lip products by hand. Instead, use the dedicated application to do this. Once a week use a charcoal mask to cleanse and clear out this area also. Finally, avoid sharing lip products with friends. Bacteria grows and develops quickly in warm and moist environments like these. explains more about the risks of sharing makeup.

Complementary colors

If you have yellowish teeth, it may be a hereditary thing. If this is the case, do some research into lipsticks and glosses that don’t emphasize this. Also find out which colors suit you best. So, if you have a darker skin tone, you can really carry off a purple lipstick! It will complement your darker features and really make them pop! Check out links like Purple lipstick where I have reviewed couple of purple lipsticks. Here, you will find a guide to a number of purple lipsticks on the market.

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