When Celebrity Plastic Surgery Goes Spectacularly Right !!!!

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There’s a lot of plastic surgery out there in La-La Land. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s bad. Some of it’s excessive, and some of it is just right. When cosmetic procedures are used to enhance the gifts you’ve been given in a subtle way, the results can be beautiful and life-changing. Let’s take a look at some celebrities who got it spectacularly right.


Ashlee Simpson and Blake Lively – Rhinoplasty

These two celebrities are classic cases of rhinoplasty that has worked perfectly. Neither Simpson or Lively were happy with their larger noses. Ashlee underwent rhinoplasty way back in 2006. It was said she had the procedure to solve her breathing problems. And while this may be true, she also got to choose a nose that now perfectly fits her face! There is certainly nothing wrong with larger noses. And celebrities such as Barbra Streisand and Sofia Coppola are certainly a testament to this. But if you are really unhappy with your nose, then why not change it if you can. Blake Lively had a nose job circa 2012. She had the tip altered, and the bridge narrowed. The great thing about her surgery is that she didn’t go overboard. She only changed the dimensions slightly, to fit with her face.

Blake Lively
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Kelly Rowland and Kayley Cuoco – Breast Implants

Both these celebrities have been open about their plastic surgery, which is refreshing. It seems that half of Hollywood think we won’t notice! Rowland has said she wanted to get breast implants since she was eighteen. She also says that Beyonce advised her to wait and really think about it. Kelly finally had breast augmentation ten years later. While she looked beautiful before, she obviously took this life-changing decision seriously. And the results are fantastic. Those with flatter chests often crave more of a cleavage to create some feminine curves. Kayley Cuoco admitted that she had breast implants at the age of eighteen. She said she underwent the procedure to give her breasts a better shape. While the results are quite noticeable, they are also realistic and clearly made her feel better about her body. Cohesive gel implants are a great choice if you want to choose the exact shape, width and height for your body shape. Breast augmentation can take anywhere between one to three hours, and it can take a few weeks to recover from surgery.

Jane Fonda – Facelift

Jane Fonda

Sagging skin, wrinkles and Dark circles under the eyes are all reasons why celebrities turn to plastic surgery on their face. Jane Fonda has admitted that plastic surgery has taken a decade off her looks. At the age of 78, we couldn’t agree more. She has openly said she has had work done on her cheeks, chin, neck and eyes. Her taut skin shows signs of a couple of facelifts, but they have been done very well and definitely enhance her beauty. As we age the skin around our jowls and neck start to sag. But Fonda looks taut, refreshed and younger than her years. Just watch her in her new television series Grace & Frankie and see for yourself!

Now this post is not to say that you have to get a plastic surgery. If you are happy with yourself just like me, fantastic!! If you want to change and want to go ahead with it, do it. It’s your life but the pick the best one to do it . And these are just the Celebrity Plastic Surgery which went right .

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