What Women Don’t Like About Their Face (And How To Fix It) !!!

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We are constantly trying to improve how we look with makeup as we all have things about our face we don’t like. Whether it’s your nose, eyes, or smile, it can be hard to know what to do to improve them, so you feel and look great. Here are the top things women don’t like about their face and how to fix it.

Their eyebrows: 

One of the top things that women don’t like about their face is their eyebrows. They worry they are too large or the wrong color. You can improve your eyebrows by making sure you pluck them regularly so you can get rid of any overgrown hairs. If you aren’t the best at doing it, you could go to the salon and get them done professionally. Some women go at least once a fortnight to make sure they look immaculate. You can also enhance your brows by drawing them on so they look better. You can find many videos online with tips and tricks to make your brows look fabulous.

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Their smile : 

Another thing that some women don’t like about their face is their smile. They hate the way their teeth look, so they don’t like to smile. You can practice in the mirror to try and make it look perfect. You can also use a bright red or pink lipstick so that your teeth look whiter. You could also go to the dentist to talk to them about having teeth whitening done. If your teeth aren’t straight, and that’s making your smile look average, you could look for an Invisalign platinum provider. That way you can build your confidence again with straight teeth and a fabulous smile. 



Their skin: 

Women also don’t like their skin because of issues such as acne occurring. Unfortunately, it’s lasting way into our 20’s and 30’s and tends to be down to unbalanced hormones and bad diet. Try and improve your diet and drink more water to help it stay in a good condition. You could also speak to the doctor to see if there is an underlying problem which is causing your skin breakouts. If you do have troublesome skin, it could be time to go and talk to a dermatologist about what could be done to stop breakouts. You can look at my tips for skin care as well to make sure your skin looks better so you will feel more confident.

Their eyes: 

Another thing women don’t like about their face is their eyes. They feel like they are too big or small for their face. You can use makeup to help make your eyes stand out more; here are 15 tips for helping them to look great. Other people don’t like their eyes as they have to wear glasses and feel like it stops them looking great. But it’s so trendy to have them, and there are so many stylish celebrities out there who look amazing in glasses. You could talk to your optician about getting contacts if it is making you miserable wearing your glasses.


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Remember that all girls are different, and something which you might think looks awful on your face probably looks great to everyone else! You just have to look out for something that suits you. 

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