Foot care during Monsoons : What I do? + Some tips

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Monsoon is here. As much as it is a pain in the as*, rains are fun too. I remember all the splish splash, playing with umbrella with friends on the way back to home from school. As soon as I reached home, as a kid I would blindly follow whatever Mum said, thinking “ughh its just water, Mum is overreacting”. lol . And now I know the reason..he he. So now when I reach home from work, from out these are the things I do.

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Happy Feet 🙂

Once I reach home, usually I wipe the feet using the Door mat and run to bathroom with sandals in my hand. At times I even splash water and wash my feet lightly before entering home, if there is any mud on the feet or on the shoe. I live in a flat and there is a water tap. 

Now in the bathroom I usually clean my feet and sandals in the Dettol water. You can use anything which is antiseptic. Cleaning only feett won’t do, you have to take care of your sandals as well. Since the Sandals are also the breeding ground of fungus and infections. You can even use Dettol wipes to clean the sandals.

Some things to keep in mind:
*Try keeping the nails short during monsoon, the dirt sits under there.
*Don’t wear tight shoes/leather shoes during rains. If you want to wear shoes, choose the ones which have open designs or the ones which have some holes as design to let the air and water to pass through. Also avoid socks. There is nothing worse than wet shoe+ Wet sock + Ac environment.
*Try scrubbing the feet, in between the fingers and fingers at least once in three days, if you can, do it daily.
*You can even keep the Foot spray handy to keep the order at bay.
*Try using the body lotions which sink in skin correctly, make sure they don’t leave the oily film behind. The water and slippery feel of the lotion makes the footwear slippery not giving you enough grip.
*Try picking up waterproof sandals which have flat/no design at the bottom and no holes. The dirt and rocks sit in the holes and they will end up in your home.

These all look a lot when you write it down but these are some basic things. Two important things which one must follow is having the right waterproof footwear and cleaning foot thoroughly.

These are some things I follow. Do you have any tips for the monsoon foot care? Do share

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