The day when nothing goes right, we buy lipstick !!!

Last week I was busy!! I was really really busy. Personal; professional just pure work!!
In between I manged to order two things online and when they reached me!!!
This happened.

Indian beauty blog
Both broke from base, but…

Streetwear lipbalm somehow managed to snuggle in it’s cocon , but the lipstick…I cant even!!!
It just broke my heart!! For the first time in my life I think I am going to throw a new lipstick </3 
After I saw the mess, I got back to work. Which by the way did not work out too. Nothing was complete. Later that day with the little time I had in hand, I decided to visit the mall.
To buy some clothes!!
And then!!! I get nothing!!
I mean nothing!!
Tried brands after brands after brands.. What did I get? Nothing -_-
The clothes I tried either dint fit me or I looked like clown in it!!!
The shoes I wanted were not in my size!!!!

So I marched to another mall nearby , there too I got nothing -_-

It was like Universe had decided ” Whatever Swathi decides to do today, screw it ” 
So when I almost left the mall, I felt the Colorbar counter was welcoming me!
I went near it and bought creme lipstick which I had my eyes on from long!

Colorbar lipstick indian beauty blog
Lipstick can make me happy!!
Innsifree mask
ColorBar creme lipstick in Deep Lilly!!

Then I got myself a icecream, cooled off a bit and reached home, and the Innisfree mask was waiting for me.

I got this as I filled in some poll by MSM box!! Free ^-^ .  

Ugh!! What a day!! 
I think the fact that the lipstick bullet broke frustrated me a lot.

Does it ever happen to you that nothing, I mean nothing goes right?? Do share 

Live Life to the fullest



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