The day when nothing goes right, we buy lipstick !!!

Last week I was busy!! I was really really busy. Personal; professional just pure work!!
In between I manged to order two things online and when they reached me!!!
This happened.

Indian beauty blog
Both broke from base, but…

Streetwear lipbalm somehow managed to snuggle in it’s cocon , but the lipstick…I cant even!!!
It just broke my heart!! For the first time in my life I think I am going to throw a new lipstick </3 
After I saw the mess, I got back to work. Which by the way did not work out too. Nothing was complete. Later that day with the little time I had in hand, I decided to visit the mall.
To buy some clothes!!
And then!!! I get nothing!!
I mean nothing!!
Tried brands after brands after brands.. What did I get? Nothing -_-
The clothes I tried either dint fit me or I looked like clown in it!!!
The shoes I wanted were not in my size!!!!

So I marched to another mall nearby , there too I got nothing -_-

It was like Universe had decided ” Whatever Swathi decides to do today, screw it ” 
So when I almost left the mall, I felt the Colorbar counter was welcoming me!
I went near it and bought creme lipstick which I had my eyes on from long!

Colorbar lipstick indian beauty blog
Lipstick can make me happy!!
Innsifree mask
ColorBar creme lipstick in Deep Lilly!!

Then I got myself a icecream, cooled off a bit and reached home, and the Innisfree mask was waiting for me.

I got this as I filled in some poll by MSM box!! Free ^-^ .  

Ugh!! What a day!! 
I think the fact that the lipstick bullet broke frustrated me a lot.

Does it ever happen to you that nothing, I mean nothing goes right?? Do share 

Live Life to the fullest



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  1. Hi Swathi! how are you? Can you suggest me a good concealer in budget. I have dark complexion and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Toffee 330 suits my skin tone to the core. I am looking for a concealer that can hide my dark spots and blemishes in my cheeks. I have searched online a lot but nothing seems to go according to my skin tone. Your suggestion will be very helpful. Thank you

    1. Hi Payal, I am good, How about yourself 🙂
      Indian concealer sucks.
      The one I have:
      The Maybelline concealer in cafe 30
      The LA pro concealer. The Fawn I have matches to my dusky tone, I would say if you are getting LA pro HD concealer, go shade darker than that.
      Recently I got Makeup Revolution The Matte Effect Concealer Stick in the Darkest shade, which is dark enough.
      One more kit I found out recently which I am planning to buy: Freedom Pro Conceal Palette Dark Concealer..has all corrector/concealer.

      The last option is MAC, which I dont have but I am planning on it again. Hope this is helpful.

      Maybelline concealer review:
      LA concealer:

      1. Thank you so much Swathi!!you have been a great help.. I am quite new to this make up thingy… So I am going to bother you with so many queries… 😛 Thanx a lot for taking your time and replying! Loads of Love <3

        1. Glad Payal 🙂
          Let me know if something works out for you 🙂 Sure bring it on …lol You can even message me on the FB page of the blog 🙂

  2. If a broken lipstick and an unsuccessful shopping trip are your biggest problems I’d say you’re alright 😉 But yeah, I do recognize the situation, I think we all have day like that. I guess one of my recent ‘bad’ days was yesterday. I lost my wallet on the train. But since there is nothing I can do about it I’ve just decided to get over it and forget about it.

    1. The work on professional front got added
      Okay thats bad..I feel like a Drama queen now =))
      Happy Sunday 🙂

  3. I didn’t know colorbar had cream lipstick, is it like liquid lipstick?

    1. Last year they launched. Yeah, cream liquid lipsticks, semi matte finish and they never set into powder mattes 🙂

  4. I agree, receiving broken lipstick can break our heart… But still, you got the gorgeous colorbar lip creme at the end of the day!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Waiting for the review!

    1. Sure soon Preethi 🙂

  5. It does happen at times, I have gone through your situation.

    1. Yeah, nothing seems to be going right at time!!

  6. The lipstick got broke so badly. This is so sad! 🙁

  7. Yeah i love lipsticks.
    This is such a cute thoughts.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  8. Lol that happens to me quite often and then I too go for shopping. It’s an instant stress buster 🙂 This lippie looks pretty 🙂

    1. He he Thanks 🙂

  9. very nice post my dear! I love that lipstick color 😀 xoxo

    1. Thanks Cláudia <3

  10. Oh thats so true 😛 A lipstick can totally rock my dull mood any day

    1. He he 😛 Isnot it ?

  11. Thank to god you do not have somebody like my husband to say it is just your PMS kicking in! I know that is pretty sexist but even I am not innocent. 😉 At least, you have a lipstick and a mask which rejuvenated you. 🙂

  12. The universe wanted you to get lipstick doll, that’s why you did not find anything. Be positive <3
    See the bright side of everything that happens!!

    1. You wont meet more positive person than me 😛 kidding I am positive, I just wanted to share my day, thats all 🙂 I think all this happens with everybody at time no matter how positive a person is 🙂

  13. I hate it when lipsticks break. This simple act somehow has so much control over us. I guess it is out undying love for these tiny tubes of colour 😀

    1. Exactly. Mini heartattack

  14. It sucks that the new lipstick broke AND your whole day went bad ! Do complain to the online store & make them take the damaged product back

    1. Yeah, it was flowing out of the tube.
      Yes, I will check with them. thanks 🙂

  15. Good to know I’m not alone when a broken lipstick really breaks my heart was well…but most irritating this is when it happens when you are already in bad mood. hope they pay you back for the damaged product.

    1. Yeah broken lipstick makes my day upside down 🙁
      Finally I have the time to get back to that issue, lets see 🙂 Thanks

  16. I can relate to your story, i also have days when nothing goes right and then i do the same pamper myself and gift myself something which has been in my wishlist 😛

    1. Yeah, other than buying something I feel buying the one in wishlist feels more fulfilling 🙂

  17. Keeps happening to me all the time!! My MAC carbon shade fell and was left in powdered chunks. Next thing I did was getting the new one in the evening.

    1. Oh 🙁 That feeling…

  18. Hey Swathi it definitely does happen to everyone…. Me too crazzy for lipsticks… And dey can definitely change my mood…

    1. Yeah instant mood changer :*

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