Marks and Spencer Blissful Strawberry Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion: Review

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The Day I discovered marks and Spencer bath and body range I went all ” When did this happen? “. 1. Because I hardly enter that store, 2. Even if I enter I am in the clothing section, 3. How come I missed such a big section of the store?. I mean the section is huge with many variants. Since the day I discovered it I have been buying their hand creams religiously along with bath gels, moisturizer at times, the last time I went to Bangalore I picked  Blissful Strawberry Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion .

Price : 299INR for 300ml

What Marks and spencer says about this, Ingredients list and all jazz is listed hereInformation here .

Experience with Blissful Strawberry Moisturising Hand and Body Lotion :

The body moisturizer comes in the cylindrical bottle with the pump dispenser cap. The pump dispenses the right amount of product, it has a lock unlock mechanism too. It is not practical to carry a 300ml bottle while travelling, but the bottle is travel friendly. It traveled with me all the way from Banglore. Those strawberry design on the bottle…aww it melts my heart. Though made from plastic, the packaging is really cute and sturdy.

The body moisturizer is extremely light weight, very delicate in texture, sinks in skin in no time and is pink in color. The moisturizer smells like a Strawberry milkshake, not in an artificial way. It just feels like whipped strawberry milkshake in the bottle. It manages to moisturizer my dry feet very nicely despite being light. The moisturizing quality does not last the whole day or something but decent enough. This might not for be for extreme winters. But on the other hand people with oily skin will be able to use it to during winters. Even as hand lotion works pretty well, no greasy feeling.

As far as I know this is available only in the stores, which is con for me too. I usually wait for Banglore trips to get my hands on M and S products.

I don’t know why I never picked this before; seriously it’s become one of my favorite product. I will be repurchasing this once it’s over. If you love strawberry scent you cannot miss this. Though light weight in texture, it can moisturize and sinks in fast, making it perfect for summers. May not be for extreme harsh winters, but for humid places it’s nice. Do try.

What do you think about this? Have you spotted this?

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