Patanjali Body Cleansers Review: Multani Mitti , Mint – Tulsi

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I find the reviews on Soap tricky from my perspective. I see many wonderful bloggers out there describing and justifying the soaps to the core. And I sit here with three words: lathers well, cleanses well, does not dry out skin :/ You see what I mean.

So I decided to club the soap reviews so that it will be useful for the one who is looking for reviews, even if it is few words. Today I bring soaps from: Patanjali.

I wanted Multani Mitti  one and for the second one I told my Dad to do Inny minni miny mo and pick one 😀

Ps: Multani Mitti = Fuller’s earth, Tulsi = Holy basil

Ingredients list , what does Patanjali says and you can buy online as well: Multani Mitti Mint -Tulsi .

My experience with Patanjali Body Cleansers:

Packaging: Both the body cleansers come in outer carton box with them being sealed in plastic. The Outer cover has all the details on it.

Texture and scent:

Multani Mitti : Oval shaped Soap which has Mud color. This has a strong scent of Jasmine. Best part is that your bathroom smells great because of this soap.
Price: INR 35INR for 75 gm .

Mint – Tulsi: The soap is oval in shape and is yellow in color. This is more like a Gel soap. The scent it is Mix of Mint and Tulsi. On initial glance, the way it smells the way it performs reminds me of good old Pears soaps.
Price: INR 24INR for 75 gm

Both soaps actually look like a giant candy. Okay laugh as much as you can, this is the best I can describe okay. You just have to work with it!!!!

My favorite part =)) . So these cleansers lathers really well, gets washed off easily with water, cleanses the body well. Post bath the skin feels extremely smooth, squeaky clean and plump. These soaps don’t become too smooth or watery and don’t make the place all messy. The fragrance stays on body for 1-2 hour. It does not rip out the moisturize, but I do follow it up with the moisturizer, the moisturisation by the soaps are never actually enough.

Multani Mitti Body Cleanser did have some grainy texture at the beginning which is perfect for exfoliation. But later it lost all that bumpy grainy texture and turned into normal soap.
Mint – Tulsi is a normal soap I did feel a minty feel on skin post bath, though it was only for 1 minute but still very refreshing especially in summers or post workout bath.

These soap come in about 8-10 variants; I want to try each one of them. These soaps does an excellent job, ingredients are good, extremely light on pocket. Do try them. Recommended. 

Have you tried Patanjali soaps? Are you a soap junkie?

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