Himalaya Herbals Kajal Review

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Many of us run behind Kajal which are smudge proof and have long staying power. And then there are people who run in different direction when they see such Kajal. Surprised??? My Mum, two of my good friends being among them, I am not. I keep searching new smudgy Kajal’s for them now and then, that’s when I spotted this tiny version of the Himalaya herbals Kajal.

Price : 45INR for 1gms.

Himalaya Claims:
Extra smooth & Water proof, Enriched with Almond Oil that nourishes your eyes, keeps them cool and makes you look fresh and bright. A unique blend of herbal extracts that cools and nourishes your eyes. No harmful chemicals. Hypoallergenic.

Ingredient List : Key Ingredients: Almond oil, Castor oil, Camphor, Damask Rose, Tripala.

My experience with Himalaya herbals Kajal: 

The packaging is simple, it’s plastic and has a green wrapper on it. The packaging is travel friendly, you can toss it in bag and forget about it ( Don’t!! it’s difficult to find this tiny pack). The product is in conical form. Initially the precise application is easy, later it gets blunt and application gets tricky. This is normal in these types of conical kajals.

The Kajal has a herbal scent to it. Remember in the review of Lotus color kick kajal , I said the Herbal Kajal’s have this intense black finish! Himalaya one falls in same category. Jet black shade. Kajal texture is smooth, so it glides easily on waterline giving a glossy finish.

Because of the finish it adds a charm to the eyes and due to all the herbal stuff it has in it, feels refreshing/cooling after the application. As soon you apply it, the Kajal smears a little. It stays for around 2 hours, then vanishes into thin air and do not sit on the under eye area, giving fake dark under eye circle. I usually set it with black matte eye shadow, not that by doing it stays for more than 2 hours, just that it does not smear by doing this. It goes easily with water, it is not waterproof.

I bought many of these and been giving them like candy’s. If you like these types of herbal Kajal which gets off easily do try them. Himalaya herbals Kajal has low staying power, smudges, isn’t waterproof but is affordable, herbal and gives a cooling glossy finish. I like that it does not sit on the under eye area. It’s try worthy. 

Do you like Smudgy Khol/Kajal or long staying one? Have you used this?

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