Rimmel London Stronger Base Coat & Strengthener : Superhero of weak nails =))

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 I am aware of the fact that many of you use a base coat, strengthening coat, top coat etc etc for nails but I am not one of those. My nail art talent is to apply the nailpolish on the nails equally without messing it up =)) That’s all. No base coat, top coat, nothing. Nada. The constant application of the nailpolish took a toll on my nails, the nails started chipping as soon as they grew. I did keep my nails free of nailpolish for a while but it didn’t help much, so thought of trying nail hardener/ strengthening sort of thing. This was a recommendation from the sweet Rimmel London SA. ( Ya I know SA, sweet in same sentence :O )

Price: 265INR for 12ml.
What it claims: The Rimmel Stronger Base Coat & Strengthener is enriched with calcium and keratin which can add strength to weak nails & increase the shield against damage. Also, acts a base coat.

My experience with Rimmel Stronger Base Coat & Strengthener:

Texture: The Base Coat has a very liquidy consistency which is has peach pale color in the bottle with super fine gold shimmers. No funky chimical smell.

On application: Though the exact color does not transfer on the nails, on application nails do have some palest peach tint and those shimmers give a shiny effect. I find the applicator to be perfect.

On the first day of the application the nails have luster finish but from second day onwards the luster vanishes and nails look like they have something on them but no shine. If the base coat alone is applied on the nails, it vanishes in about 4-5 days. If a nail polish is worn over the base coat, it increases the nailpolish performance by a day or so.

Major question: Did it work? 
On me yes. The nails which grow do not chip anymore. I keep my nails short as I am not comfortable having longer nails. Just to test I kept one nail longer for few days and it grew healthily. The coat doesn’t do anything for already discolored nails or yellow nails. But it prevents the darker shades from transferring the color on the nails. But overall nails looks healthier.

Will I repurchase: Yes.

Availability: Rimmel counters, online stores

I am happy with the product as it performed on my nails. I love the healthy and glossy appearance it gives to the nails even though they are not in that good shape. Plus the chipping has almost stopped. I think it works if the nails are chipping due to over use of nail polish. But if the nails are chipping due to some vitamin deficiency in body or if they are naturally weak, it might not work. Do try it if you are facing the same issue as me.  

Do you use base coat, top coat?? Or are you just like me??? 😛

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