I have been nominated for VERSATILE BLOGGER from Preethy of Pretty kooll and Lia of Fashable. I love their blogs and to be nominated from them is just, lets say , Thankyou or awesome or words isn’t enough. I started my blog just last year and I am floored by the responses and now this award. I am on cloud nine. Thank you sooo much for the award and the shout out 🙂 :’)

Rules for the award

-Show the award on your blog.
-Thank the person who nominated you.
-Share seven facts about yourself.
-Nominate 15 blogs.
-Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know.

There are some really strange things about me, so when it came to 7 random things, thought of sharing some with you guys. So the 7 facts about me are:

1. As a Scorpio I remember details no matter how small or big it is. But I absolutely cannot remember a single road name. I cannot even follow road directions sometimes. Someone says go left, go right, go left then left again…. and I am lost :D. The road name has to do some sort of magic on me to remember it.

2. I don’t bin chocolate wrappers. More than Mom it drives my Dad crazy, yet I don’t bin it, I just keep them wherever I am sitting or sometimes in cupboard.

3. I am silent person in general, I speak less and socially awkward. But when it comes communication through talking or writing I do well. I am good at debates as well, but suck at gossips. My tech trainer from work said I can be a trainer!! Strange.

4. I love travelling. Sometimes I wish I was this travel show host , going to different places,  learning about different cultures all those TLC show types. I want to travel in Cruise once in my life, to an island.

5. I enjoy and do well, working under pressure. Deadlines, targets kind of give me trill; It included working towards solving server outages when I used to work. The busier the day, the better.

6. I love watching  teenage beauty Guru channels on YouTube videos. Those bedtime routine, fall routine, makeup routine as silly as it sounds, the editing of those videos, that freshness, the happiness serves as my time pass as well as cheers me up. Give it a try at times they are fun 🙂 It started with Bethany Mota’s videos, I share my birthday with her not the year of course 😀 .

7. I have a thing for Berry’s and polka dots. Berry shades in clothes and makeup, berry in fruit, in bath product, in eatables I love it. Same with Polka dots. See, pick up, buy, happy. A guy once sent me a wallpaper which had a picture of berry fruits with polka dots on them to propose me O_o .

I hope you enjoyed reading these facts about me and I nominate these awesomesause blogs for the Versatile blogger award:

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Live Life to the fullest

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