All about Anarkali dresses!!

Hi All 🙂 Today’s post as you can see it in the title is about the Anarkalis. I dint really see a point in writing a huge intro to the post and then saying tada I am going to talk about Anarkalis. However let me tell you what are they in some words. Well its nothing […]

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5 Best Ways to Cleanse Your Skin Naturally !!

Hello All 🙂 Walk to a supermarket and check out the beauty products available on the shelf and all you will see is chemicals. Not only are these chemicals harmful to our environment, but they also aren’t good for your skin. Despite the bottles promising you instant youth and cleanliness, you are actually just getting […]

Read More : Bodycon and Skater Dresses

Hi All 🙂 Summers are here.  It also means hot,sweaty, makeup melting season too, is here. However, summers are not just about that to me. They are also about sunglasses, sunscreen and some florally dresses and of course road trips.But being a tall person I struggle when it comes to Dress length. I get the […]

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Couponsji- Online Coupon Site : Review

Hi All 🙂 Online shopping- fantastic. Awesomesause!! Why? It saves time, gives you opportunity to try out different styles in clothes, saves money ( Who does not like that ), you don’t have to wait for EOSS sales. I mean there is a sale every month. All sounds like smart shopping, one more main element […]

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