Fiama Di Wills Body Wash Ashwagandha and Almond Review !

Hello Lovelies 🙂

I Would put my choice of shower gels in miscellaneous!!
Not fruity, not citursy, not flowery!!
A fragrance that indirectly slaps me the morning, gets me ready for the day and gives me strength to socialize( ” Introvert problems”)
And 99% I look for the Shower gels from Fiama Di wills, Palmolive, Nivea !!
They have what I need and in the price range I seek muhahaha

What they say: Richness of Almond cream and the natural goodness of Ashwagandha comes together in its unique blend of Gel+ Creme Body Wash. An innovation from Fiama. Indulge yourself with a caring and refreshing bathing experience that not only uplifts your mood but also moisturizes your skin to make it bouncy.

Price: 160 INR for 200ml ( Introductory price 99INR)

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Morning delight!!

Fiama Di Wills Body Wash Ashwagandha and Almond is housed in a peach bottle , with all the details printed at the back of it. It’s sturdy and has a flip cap on it. The shower gel too is peach in color. Though it says it is gel + creme I dint see much of difference than their gel range. It almost feels the same, like any other shower gels for that matter. It foams nicely in contact with water and foams very easily and nicely with loofah.

As I said earlier I would put the scent in miscellaneous category, it’s a fresh scent with the bit of nutty undertones. It is refreshing and makes your bathroom smell like a high-class spa. What I have seen is that if you are able to dress up just right after the shower, and if the dress is of cotton or sweater, the dress seems to absorb that refreshing scent and kind of gets locked in for the 2-3 hours so. Neat eh? Once the shower is done it doesnot dry out the skin like some of them do.

Bottom line: It’s new, its affordable if you like body gels from the Fiama Di wills this variant is a must try.

Live life to the Fullest!!