4 Reasons To Invest In Antique And Vintage Jewellery!!!

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Vintage jewellery !!
Vintage jewellery !!

We all have our own styles, preferences, and tastes when it comes to buying jewellery, and that’s because we wear different pieces for different reasons. If you prefer something rather timeless, you may want to consider investing in vintage and antique pieces. Below, we cover a few reasons why this is a great investment.
1. One of a kind pieces
One of the biggest benefits of buying antique or vintage jewellery is that you can pretty much guarantee that nobody else will have the same piece. Old jewellery was handmade, or custom made, which means each piece is different to the next. Antique items are the product of exceptional craftmanship, each with intricate and unique designs to represent the trend and style of the era. This is just one of the reasons why you can enjoy maximum profit
What’s more, when buying someone a special gift, vintage jewellery brings with it a theme of individuality, importance, and recognition.
2. The historical context
When you invest in an antique item, you get to embrace the historical significance of the jewellery. Whether you wear it around your neck, on your finger, your wrist, or simply put it away for safekeeping, the item has a story to it. There seems to be something rather romantic about being in possession of a family heirloom, even if it’s another family.
By purchasing antique and vintage pieces , you get to connect to a historical period, be it amazing treasures from the Victorian era or even an art deco design. Each piece had its very own cultural, political, and social influences that add to the value of the item.
Wearing a piece of jewellery that you know was worn by others is a true treasure from the past, and adds to the mystery of the item.
3. Moral and Ethics
Despite the beauty that comes with different types of diamonds, the industry is plagued by ethical considerations. While there have been many attempts to address the issues around diamond sourcing, they often fail or just don’t prove reliable enough. This means you may not be truly sure that what you buy is not contributing to unethical practices. When you invest in vintage and antique jewellery, though, you are recycling existing gems, which means you can wear them with any moral and ethical guilt. See what Kalmar Antiques in Sydney, Australia have on offer and be surprised by their wide selection.
4. Always stylish
While following trends is certainly fun and can keep you fashionable, trends don’t always last forever. This means that in a couple of weeks, months, or years, you could lose interest in your piece and be on the lookout for the next trend. When you invest in vintage jewellery, you are purchasing a timeless piece that you can pair with nearly anything, and it is something that has withstood the styles and trends of recent years. As we get ready to usher in this New Year 2018, it’s also time to usher in a new set of trends. Follow fashion trends on Frugal Trend Setter; resolution is to take more style risks in this year to stand out of the league. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to simple styles, you can choose something as subtle or as statement-making as you like!

These are just four reasons why it is worth investing in vintage and antique jewellery.

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