Wedding Day DIY Makeup Tips !!!

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Makeup is great for any occasion. But for weddings, you can’t beat a well-done makeup job. With these DIY tips, you can do your own makeup on your wedding day without compromising the quality. Your day can be as special as ever, and a little more stress-free.

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Wedding Day DIY Makeup Tips

1. Practice. Then, practice some more.

Doing makeup well takes practice. If you plan on doing your own wedding makeup, be sure to practice. Try out different looks. Once you find one that you love, continue to practice that one until you master it. By the time your wedding comes around, you’ll be like a machine. You’ll be able to apply your makeup without any stress.

When you practice, leave the makeup on for awhile. You need to test out the foundation, lipstick, and any other tools you plan to use. You should make sure the makeup lasts and that you’re happy with the appearance in different lighting.

2.Apply makeup the best way

You should be sure to apply makeup the way it will look best on your skin. For example, try applying your primer with your fingers. This helps it blend into your pores and stay on your face longer. When you apply foundation, use a damp sponge.

If you don’t already have an awesome arsenal of makeup tools, your wedding is the time to get them. After all, doing your own make up will save you lots of money. You can splurge a little and get all the right tools for the job. Look for a great brush set. And while you’re at it, pick up some of the latest makeup.

3. Focus on the eyes

While everyone will be marveling over your dress and hair, your eyes are still a focal point. Be sure to use a dark eye liner. You can go for a softer look or a smokier look. Either way, the look will make those wedding photos really pop.

People also notice your eyebrows and eyelashes. Even if you don’t usually do it, take the time to curl your lashes. And be sure to have your eyebrows threaded or plucked by a professional before your big day. Although you could do it on your own, eyebrows are hard to do perfectly. It’s not worth risking because a lot can go wrong. For a low price, you could have an expert shape them. If you need to fill in your brows, use an ash-toned pencil. With short strokes, apply the pencil from the inside outward. After, blend it using a brush.

Enjoying your big day

Doing your makeup yourself has a few benefits. For one, there’s less planning to do. You don’t have to spend all that time looking for the perfect makeup artist. You also don’t have to worry about waiting for them to show up on your wedding day. And finally, you save money. DIY wedding day makeup can make your day extra special. When you pair your great makeup job with one of the more elaborate moissanite engagement rings, you’ll have all eyes on you. And you’ll certainly have a day to remember forever.

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