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Bags just like the shoes, watches, accessories is an important part of the outfit.
It does give a finishing touch to outfit . I mean recently in the review of the body lotion, it posed with my handbag and handbag took the spot light. See I told you πŸ˜€ I was lucky enough to find that bag in a boutique however, that landed in the boutique from an online store itself.

Farbod Barsum is one such online store which offers huge variety in the Handbags, Clutches, Travel and executive bags, accessories to go with them. Along with that they even house alligator belt. From contemporary alligator handbag to a metallic fused ostrich leg clutch, they have it all. They make sure that their creations have both, structural and organic composition. Farbod Barsum have made studies in Architecture, Art and they infuse them with fashion in their creations. The bags by them are fantastic for that special occasions, as a gift as well durable enough for daily wear .

alligator belt, exotic purses, Farbod Barsum Handbags
Farbod Barsum

The website itself is very easy to navigate. The bags/clutches have been classified under the categories. All you have to do is just pick a category, and then select a product of your choice. On the product page itself the product details are mentioned. Like the dimensions, the interior details of the bag whether the interior trims match exotic skin, the lining details of the bag, and the zipper and compartment details of the bag. Along with that they even mention how the closure of the bag will be. You can get an exact idea how the bag will be, despite buying it online viewing the details online.
Since the exotic purses are made out of Exotic skins when not in use, exotic skin pieces should be stored in a cool, dark, and dry location in the provided dust bag. How exactly the purses need to be maintained is very well explained in the each product page.
Once ordered the order takes 24 to 36 hours to process, excluding the US holidays. Once shipped the confirmation email, along with the shipping details will be mentioned. The shipping within the US is free of shipping fees. They take major credit card or debit card and the payment gateway of the website is secured as well. They even give a chance to return the product within the 14 days of purchase.

alligator belt, exotic purses, Farbod Barsum Handbags
Laptop bag
alligator belt, exotic purses, Farbod Barsum Handbags
Farbod Barsum
alligator belt, exotic purses, Farbod Barsum Handbags
alligator belt, exotic purses, Farbod Barsum Handbags
Alligator belt

The exotic skin clutches and bags by Farbod Barsum are registered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department. The materials adhere to international compliances of CITES. They understand that just because one wants exotic skin accessory does not mean they want to sacrifice on the environmental part. They have their team of master artisans who crafts the clutches and bags.
Besides that I like how Farbod Barsum Handbags have name to them. Like Holly. Imagine this when someone asks about your bag, You can just say ” Oh this is Holly and it’s from Farbod Barsum “. How cool is that. All in all a fantastic place to buy exotic purses and even belts, which is chic and a blend of modern and classic designs. Do check them out.

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