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Hi All ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been nominated for Versatile and liebaster awards since 2 months now. I haven’t done any due to lack of time, some personal issues and other reasons. The month of Mayย wasn’tย thatย great in personal life front, blog number wise and professional wise, so I just sat there solving one by one. Just did not feel like writing a post about me. Honestly,ย I was struggling to put up a post in the month of May and even in June. ย Now don’t worry I am someone who finds solution and see good in everything. Trust me whatever happened, happened for goooood. Just felt like sharing.ย 

I have been nominated by Sonali of Skincarevillaย blog for Versatile Blogger Award . Rules are plenty, but I am just going to break the rules and state some random facts about me. I think that’s better than not doing the post at all.ย 


So here it goes:

1. I am neutral. Not too sweet, not too bad, just neutral. I’ll try helping if I can. But if you have done something to me, I will gladly return it back bad, good alike. That explians some occasional outbursts..ha ha

2. I observe people and compare people of same zodiac. You will be surprised how similar people behave who belong to the same zodiac sign . And how you get along very well with the particular zodiac people.ย 

3. Whenever I don’t feel good like stomach bug, cold cough fever… I slip into this big nighty of mine in the night and sleep on squishy bedspread. It makes me feel good and I sleep better.

4. No matter how much I love a person, I hate when they make sound while eating food and when they snore.

5. I love the idea of buying and tasting cotton candy, but then I cant finish it. Parents allways stop me buying it. During my Shimla vacation I went behind their back and bought one and gave it them to finish. Dad just sighed!!

6. When it comes to pictures I love it when they are candid. Posing always makes me feel like fake and makes me awkward. Mine are caught less, but I like them.

7. I am silent, have few words yet I am crazy and suddenly utter something that makes others crazy . Example : When I was little when a far cousin of mine swallowed a orange seed, till then quite Swathi said ” Tree is gonna grow out of you”, cousin sat and cried for two days straight =))

Extra Extra ๐Ÿ˜›

8. I have insane reading speed. I developed that due to my previous job, since I had to go through lot of reading material. If you see my comments on 2-3 posts within minutes don’t be surprised.

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