Lakme Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts Face Wash : Review

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For day time I prefer face washes which are mild, but before hitting bed I prefer the ones which thoroughly cleanses the face. So I decided to pick Lakme Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts Face Wash this time.

Lakme Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts Face Wash review

Price: 90INR for 50ml .

About Lakme Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts Face Wash: Get a salon-like clean up , Cleanses skin gently yet effectively for clear and matte skin, Helps remove excess oil & helps prevent breakouts. Professional tip: use the complete 3 STEP LAKME CLEAR PORES CLEAN-UP regularly to see results.

Lakme Green Tea Extracts Face Wash review

My experience with Lakme Clean Up Face Wash with Green Tea Extracts:

Lakme Clean Up Face Wash has a very refreshing travel friendly packaging. Fluorescent green with silver colour flip open cap. The face wash has a gel like texture, pale green in colour and has a very mild refreshing scent. The Face wash lathers very well and gets washed off easily.

Post wash along with cleansed face I get that matte effect and moisturized skin. This makes this perfect for oil wells like me. Ehehehehe. With this face wash I get that thorough cleansing effects, as the night time products I use sinks in way faster.

This face wash has never irritated my skin, never gave any bump or any breakouts. Rather it helps in preventing pimple along with my other products.

Lakme facewash for oily skin review

Facewash for oilyskin in India

I am repurchasing this sure as well I am trying the scrub and Facemask of the same range next time. If you are looking for good thorough cleaning face wash at affordable rate this is the one. I have never heard any negative things about this face wash till now. They say all skin types and I am sure it is going to suit all. Do give this range a try.

Have you tried this? Which face wash are you using currently?

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  1. What a wonderful review, I’ll check it out! Anything green tea has amazing properties!
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  2. That was a very detailed review, haven’t tried this one from Lakme. Glad it lived up to the promise.


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  3. Sounds nice and love the new blog layout.

  4. fantastic post my dear, really nice review!! 😀 xoxo

  5. Fantastic review! I love the photos 🙂

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  7. i have tried this face wash and I absolutely loved it…I actually tried the scrub and the mask too from this line but unfortunately the mask didn’t suit my sensitive skin 🙁

  8. green tea is said to be great for the skin, so not surprised at all that this works perfect 🙂

  9. I quite like this one for summer. Great review Doll! xx

  10. hey hun, new post on my blog 🙂

  11. I am definitely gonna pick this one up once i’m over with my current stash…nice review..and i’m loving the new web layout/template of your blog 🙂

  12. Sounds nice for oily skin. Going to try it out in summer.

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