Coloressence Cake Eyeliner Black: Review, Swatch

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When I needed black matte eye-shadow this time, I wanted to find Faces single eye shadow reviewed by Natasha of My Little World Of Makeup . But another thought I picked up Coloressence Cake Eyeliner in Black third time in row. Thinking “She said eye shadow” and picked up cake eyeliner? Eh!!

Why?? You will learn it in a while.

Coloressence Cake Eyeliner Black

Price: 285INR for 5 gms .
Active Ingredients: Bees wax, Citrus bergamia extract, Carrot seed extract

Coloressence Cake Eyeliner Black review

My Experience with Coloressence Cake Eyeliner in Black:

The Cake Eyeliner comes in a Matte black body with see through screw lid. No mirror, no brush, does not come with any attachments =))

The finish it has is matte. The pigmentation in dry form is sheer, in wet not intense but better than the dry form. There isn’t any fallout either.

As eyeliner it sucks!!! lol.
Now as a liner in a dry form it gives a sheer finish. Even in wet form the pigmentation is okay, if the consistency is not right, you will get a watery finish. May be if you take hard brush, make a nice thick paste the outcome will be nice. Too much work!! In short it sucks =)) I honestly dont know how long it stays on eyes as a liner.

I don’t know who named it a cake liner but calling it an eye shadow would have been apt. I have used it on the top of my smudged liner, to set my Kajal and the result is not harsh.

Why we have reached its third tub: Mum loves to use this to fill in the eyebrows. Now you might think it is harsh, but the sheer pigmentation it has works as plus for this. Mum has sparse eyebrows and she has perfected that stroke like finish. So the finish is natural. At times even I have used it and it was fine.

This stays for about 5-6 hours, it is waterproof too. Removing is easy and hasn’t caused any irritation to eyes.

Affordable eyeshadow india

Black matte eyeshadow in India

Coloressence Cake Eyeliner review

Coloressence eyeliner review

Mum practically uses this everyday. The quality and quantity at affordable rate makes us go for it everytime. Though sheer when it comes to pigmentation and has a hassle of carrying an extra brush/mirror with, also a fail as a eyeliner but it is affordable, good to fill in eyebrows and works great as an eye shadow/to set Kajal. Do check this out.

Have you used this? Do you own any single matte eyeshadow? 

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