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I get irritated with the TV ads where star show effectiveness of hair removal cream by removing hair from hairless leg =)) Yeah those!! As irritating as the ads might be, you can’t deny the importance of hair removing cream. Yup there are many ways for hair removal waxing, epilators etc but I think the most handy ones are either hair removal cream or the oldie goldie shaving. For people like me only the latter are the good option, I don’t see myself up for waxing (Terrible experience). If it is affordable and uses some natural ingredients then better. One such Hair removal cream brand which uses 100% natural extract as an active for the cream is ELOIS .

 Price: 40INR for 25 gm ( Sensitive: 45INR ) .

Product description:
ELOIS Hair Removing Cream is one such unique & easy-to-use product in its category. We have used 100% natural extract as an active for the cream. Elois hair removal cream gives silky, soft feel with cool sensation in just 5- 7 minutes as it depends on the quality of hair of each and every person. Available in three different variants, with customized needs of consumers for different skin types.
1. Rose for Normal Skin
2. Papaya for Dry skin
3. Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin

You can find the information here: Elois hair removal cream

click on the photo it will open up in a window

PS: Though I have normal skin when it comes to hair removal cream it becomes sensitive. So I tested the sensitive one, mustered up the courage and used the normal skin version as well. There were absolutely no side effects. For the dry skin version used the help of the friend. I have done the patch test prior using the product as mentioned by the company in the leaflet.

Experience with ELOIS Hair Removing Cream:

The outer cardboard consists of a tube, a leaflet containing all the information/instructions and a Spatula. All three variants come in a easy squeezy travel friendly tube. The variant name is written on them. The information is printed on the back of the tube.

 The Spatula it has is quite good, gives a nice grip. The Rose variant Spatula is hot pink in color, whereas the other two are on the peach side.

The hair removal cream has the same consistency and same white shade across the variants. Not too thick and spreads with ease. The Rose variant has the Strong Rose scent; Papaya has a Soothing papaya scent and Aloe Vera has a faint scent of Aloe Vera. None of them are bothersome.

As long as the cream is on and off there is absolutely no itching, burning sensation. In about 5-7 minutes it removes the hair effectively. The coarser hair takes about 6 minutes. As it reaches about 5 minutes you can see the hair shrinking. Post hair removal skin felt smoother, supple and there was no darkening of the skin or anything. None of them leave the skin dry. On me the hair grows after 4- 5 days I think it depends from person to person.

Cons would be the availability, they are only available online. Also a little sachet of moisturizer could have been added, not a necessity but still.

I found the ELOIS Hair Removing Cream to be affordable and effective. Did their job perfectly without any side effects. Yes, availability is an issue, but these days market is flooded with good products which are available only online. So that’s that. Do try these ELOIS Hair Removing Cream.

What do you think about? Do you use hair removal cream?

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