Vaadi herbals Hand and Body lotion with sunflower extract : Review, swatches

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Sometime back I reviewed Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap  where I ranted about how I ended up with two Vaadi products. Now it’s turn of Vaadi herbals Hand and Body lotion with sunflower extract to be reviewed. So let’s dive into the review.

Price: 59 INR for 110 ml ( I think I got it for 49INR or something)

About the product ans Ingredients: 

My Experience:
Sturdy white bottle with the yellow Flip flap cap and has a bright yellow big a** flower sticker. Looks cute. The flip cap initially was a little tight, but now I feel it is going to part ways with bottle soon. It has became a little flimsy.

The body lotion has pale yellow/cream color to it and has a medium consistency, not too runny but not thick. The scent is pleasant. Somewhat  like flower slash Butterscotch , but not artificial ^_^ .

A little goes extremely long way as the body lotion is very greasy. My extreme dry feet love it, where as the normal skin feels “something is sitting on me” for about 5 minutes. Also,if a little more product is applied, you have to massage it for about 5 mins on the body as it takes its own sweet time to sink in. Even after that I feel sticky, skin looks way shiny and if you step on water it feels slimy. Good and bad thing. Once I apply this in the morning only in the night I feel the need to apply it, like before sleeping. It takes care of skin that well.

Cons: Vaadi products are available easily online but not offline. Also complete ingredient list is not mentioned.

Vaadi products are decently priced and they fare almost well with me. I might try the Rose Variant next time. I have tried a variant in the past that too was a little greasy, which isn’t available any more.

No for Oily skin, it’s going to be too much, sticky mess I say.
Normal skinned beauties can give it a try, but you will get that heavy feeling for about 5 minutes.
Dry skinned girls: It’s a treat for you. If  more quantity is taken lotion takes time to sink in, but after 2-3 times of usage you will get a hang on of how much you need it.

I know they have their cons but this body lotion is worth a try.  Recommend.

What do you think about this? Tried any Vaadi products?

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