Skincare series : Eyecare, the mistakes I did and what I do for eyecare .

Hello All 🙂

Eyes are important because we see through them. So killing my creative and artistic ( If there is any ) ways of explaining eyes, I’ll move ahead with the topic, Eyecare.

When I smile, squint my eyes there is a fine line near my eyes, I cannot do anything about it and I really don’t care much about it. But one fine day I saw another fine line near my eyes :O Now that’s concerning!!!

Simple eye care weapons!!

Later I figured out the reasons and those were:

*  Not using cotton pads for removing eye makeup, I would use soft cotton towel things ( What was I thinking!! )
*  Not using the softest cotton pads out there , you know those local brand less rough cotton balls.
* Using waterproof mascara.
* And neglecting that one dot of kajal after removing the entire eye/face makeup.
* Thinking that face moisturizer is enough for under eye area.
* Vigorously rubbing eyes with cotton cloth/ball( Yikes!!!! )

My expression now for the mistakes I did!!!

So what I did :
* Burned that cotton cloth.
* Bought the soft makeup remover cotton pads.
*  Used the cotton bud to remove the left over kajal from waterline.
* Started using authentic under eye creams.
*  Started using washable mascara.
* Once I put some makeup remover on the cotton pad, keeping it on eye for seconds so that makeup can breakdown.

Result: The birth fine line remains and only the birth fine line remains. Nothing else!! Double yay.

I was doing everything, but not in the right way!! My lifestyle that is eating healthy, working out daily and not compromising on sleep hasnot changed. But I did some small changes, they turned out be effective. Waterproof Masacara may be long lasting but all it lead to was unnecessary pulling and tugging delicate under eye area!! I would wear Mascara after reaching the work place or simply skip them. Also I learnt that under eye gel does not work much on me or I would say creams work better. If you aren’t seeing any difference with under eye gels try switching to cream and vice versa. I would like to add that under eye creams reducing dark circles do work, if the dark circle is temporary. Eyecreams hydrate the eye area well and make them look healthy. The dark circles which you have by birth I mean the hereditary ones, they dont budge no matter what you do ( My besti and close friends can vouch for that), invest in eyecream, correcter and concealer.  Remember that drier the area, unhealthy and darker it looks.

This post is just to show the mistakes I did, nothing else and may be to point out the mistakes if you are doing any 😉

So what’s your eye care story like?

Live life to the fullest

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