Rants+ Haul+ Confusion = My usual

Hello All 🙂

Have you watched those Youtube videos wear people where baggy jeans, hoodi, concealer lip balm and mascara and they magically look like princesses..yes,yes!!! Those videos.
I tried that hoodi thing during my travels,
I looked like a homeless beggar .. Legit homeless beggar!!!

Oh between Hello I am back 😀 I am back from my travelling, personal work and all that with the haul minus the posts. I have to sit and type now 😛

On 20th August I dint have internet connection, so I dint update!!The Blog completed a year..lalalalala ( Happy Dance). Thank you all for the love and support 🙂 Thanks for reading my rants and not getting bored and bearing it and my opinions about the products 🙂 XOXOXO

Between all this Whatsapp Drama happened. I wasn’t receiving message and some neary dearis thought I blocked them!! ( Drama queen alert??? 😉 ) Everything is back to normal now. Well almost except my Laptop, it’s kind of losing it.

My mind is still on confusion about the Maybelline N*de palette. I mean I have the mother of the Nude palette which is the the Balm N*de tude pallet, but still a palette in India!!! From MNY!!! Usable shades!!! Maybe if I get it on a huge discount!!! …. the struggle is real!!! .

Some things I bought and hopefully I will be reviewing them soon:

Nicka K New York Perfect 32 Colors Eyeshadow pallete ( Review here ) , Coloressence Liquid lipstick ( Review here ), Revlon matte lipbalm Shameless, Maybelline Gel liner, Fran Wilson Moodmatcher lipstick in Black, Aroma Magic glow scrub, Aroma magic facemask, Lacto calamine moisturizer ( Review here ), Q tip, Garnier Oil in Cream ( Review here ), Face sponge, Cleansing cloth, Spinz Detan cream, Vaadi Khus Khus soap, Ponds BB cream, Naturs essence under eye cream ( Review here ), Lotus Youth X serum, Fab India Epsom Salt and Sesame Body polisher ( Review here ).

How you all have been????
I have been reading the blogs and as I mentioned in my last posts tons at once 🙂

Live life to the fullest

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