Vaadi Herbals Fruit Splash Soap : Fruit Smoothie in a soap bar

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During one of the Nykaa sale recently, when my parents were busy buying bath products, I felt left out. So I went ahead and added two product from Vaadi in the cart 😛 I wanted something from Vaadi as well something for me in that huge box lol !! One of the products is this Vaadi Fruit splash soap which I am reviewing today and other one is Body moisturiser.

Price:  30INR for 75gms ( I think I got it for 22INR )

Claims and Ingredients:

Check out the Ingredients list, the way they have mentioned the fruit names makes me feel like I can whip out a soap at home at any time =)) .

My thoughts on Vaadi Herbals Fruit splash Soap : 

The soap came in a cardboard type box and was wrapped in thin plastic twice. Personally I love it when companies take care of the packaging to maintain the hygiene. Unlike the Biotique soaps(Review here) .

The soap is rectangular in shape. No fancy carving, no fancy molds at the edges, just neatly cut edges.
The yellow colored soap smells like a fruit smoothie. I get the scent of lemon, peach, apple and even pineapple which is not even mentioned in the ingredients!!! he he.
The soap lathers nicely with just touch of water, cleanses the body well, gets washed off easily, giving a squeaky clean feel. Even if you have used some sort of oil for bath, it works really well.
Post bath skin does not feel dried out and light lemon scent lingers for about 20 mins.  If you have a dry skin you might need a moisturiser but for my normal skin the moisturization was enough.

The cons would be Availability. Though they are available online easily, I have not seen them on the supermarket shelves, offline to be precise.  The detailed ingredients list can also be added.

I have tried Vaadi soaps in the past and they all have fared well, just like this one. I might not buy the same variant again, but definitely trying out different variants.  This soap is going to suit every skin type. Dry skinned beauties might want to follow up with the moisturizer. Overall it’s a nice soap. Do try it out as it is a nice product at an affordable rate, does not dry out the skin, lasts for decent amount of time, smells great. Recommend.

What do you think about this? Have you tried any Vaadi soaps or any Vaadi product??

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