How to wear pigmented blush without getting clown cheeks : Makeup trick

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How have you been? It’s been long since I posted. First I went on a mini vacation then my computer took a vacation..:/  I was reading all your blog posts, but it gets a little tricky to comment , even to reply…

Anyhoo, are you one of those who love pigmented blush but scared of them at the same time??This tip might be helpful for you. If you are not interested in my blabber the just scroll down and read the last para 🙂

How to wear pigmented blush without getting  clown cheeks

It happened during my second job/company days. As soon the girl gang and I entered the cubicle our male colleague said ” Oh ho, looks like you slept a lot, full beauty sleep haan, your cheeks have become pink pink” . We girly gang looked at each other, pretended to be saints (while ROFL on the inside) waited for the break and laughed our hearts out. Infact even now we share a laugh or two over the same topic and would tease saying ” Looks like you slept well ” =)) . But you know the colleague was not entirely wrong,  as I did have a little more product on the cheeks. One of the girls had applied a pigmented high end blush on me, which was not blended well. Uff..these pigmented blushes.

After this pigmented blushes scared me. But I was not ready to give up on gorgeous blushes, So I developed a teqnique to apply them, which is…

How to wear pigmented blush without getting  clown cheeks

Simply using 2 blush brushes; One to apply, other to blend. When you use the same brush to blend the product, the blush which is left on the brush gets added to the blush which is present on the cheeks. So sometimes it becomes a little more. So apply the blush on cheeks using the first brush, just place the product the on the cheeks, don’t do anything else. Now take the second clean blush brush, blend out the blush. If you are a pro, whoo hoo. Honestly I am not and I do this almost every time.

Don’t shy away from the pigmented blush, try this tip.

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