Review of Palmers Cocoa Butter: Secret weapon for Toning and Firming

It’s been 10 weeks since I started using Palmers Cocoa Butter . I have mentioned in my  first impression post of the butter on why exactly I started using this.
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What company claims about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Lotion:
This unique formula is specifically designed to recover loss of skin firmness due to aging, pregnancy or fluctuations in weight. Oozing a lush chocolate caramel fragrance, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a natural, non-greasy, intensive formulation that comes packed with active ingredients like pure Cocoa and Shea Butter to replenish moisture loss in the skin, Collagen to firm and tone, Elastin to give your skin the suppleness and elasticity it needs to stretch without tearing, Vitamin E for all over goodness and the newest antioxidant in the market today – Coenzyme Q10 – to help free radicals and stimulate the skin’s cell for achieving a more toned and smoother appearance.
Now let me quickly get on to the review.
*Toning: Yes, it does tone. But the toning happens in conjunction with the weight loss. One cannot sit like a rock and expects the butter to do all the work.
*Firming: It does make the skin better. It has firmed the skin better in the problem area but I do not think it will firm the sagging skin completely.
*The massaging needs to be done after the application. Just slathering the butter on the skin will moisturise it but does not help in toning and firming.
*Massaging the butter is time consuming and needs patience
*The company says visible results within 6 weeks. The butter is so thick that the bottle lasted me only 5 weeks, I am on my second bottle now.
*Smells heavenly. Like dark roasted chocolate and lingers for a very long time,
*The smell does soothe and calms the sense. I think because it smells like Dark chocolate and we are women 😀
*It’s Paraben and Phthalate free. 
*Easily available. It’s available online and I have seen this in the Super markets as well. Not only the butter, other products as well.
*It costs 520INR for 315ml. I got my second bottle for 400INR. Keep an eye on the online offers.
*It makes the skin super soft. Moisturization lasts whole day and skin looks healthy.
*No effect on the Cellulite.
*Hygienic packaging. The pump dispenser is effective in controlling the product.
After I started using the butter, In the first 3 weeks I lost weight, so the toning part continued. In the next 2 weeks, I did not loose any weight so no toning. Hence,  proved that the toning happens when one looses weight. Ha ha ha ha 🙂
Will I repurchase: I am already on my 2nd bottle. But I am now applying this on thighs, tummy, bust and arms. I am using other moisturiser  for legs, hands as I have some limited edition product which needs to be opened and used before they expire ….he he he. I will after that.
Will I recommend:  Yes, go grab this.  This butter is like a push from outside in your weight loss journey. If not for firming and toning part try it for that heavenly chocolate smell and super soft skin. J
I am a gym rat. I do weight and cardio on alternative days.  But, after a point, the skin just stops the inch loss , it kinda gives up.  It is only due to this butter  I have won in the inch/cms loss department.
So, ladies go grab this.
Live life to the fullest

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