Review: Miyo 7- Chocolate Single Eyeshadows Omg!

I am sucker for Plum, bronze and matte brown eyeshadows. I find these colors no brainer. Just a wash of these colors on the lids, winged eyeliner, a lipstick and you are all set. I was on a lookout for a single brown eyeshadow, since the one I have is about to finish and is a part of a pallete. It is difficult to carry the whole palette for just one colour while travelling. ( Many of you might be saying ” I hear ya, sister!!” lol ).

After looking at the online swatch and also the picture available on the E-commerce website, I placed the order. Hoping that I will be able to use this chocolate eye-shadow for contouring as well. I dreamt about it too. When the eyeshadow reached me, all my dreams shattered and my heart broke. The dark chocolate has turned into Boost :'( . I mean the color is more of taupeish than brownish. Double checked the swatches online, mine looks entirely different.

– I have a dusky complexion and darker lids, the eye-shadow appears ashy. I do use it as transition colour sometimes.

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-It’s matte. While taking the pictures, under the sunlight I did see some shimmer but on lids it’s matte.

-I have oily lids and use concealer as eyeshadow primer: Shine peaks through in an hour if worn on bare lids, Stays on the lids for 3.5+ hours with primer after that it starts fading, with authentic eyeshadow primer I am sure it will stay on longer.

-Beautiful taupe color.

-Color fades, does not crease. Blends beautifully.

-Powdery in the pan while picking it up and not chalky. If the excess is tapped off from the brush, minimum almost no fallout.

– Pigmentation is good. Once blended intensity of the colour decreases.

-Right now they are available on Jabong.

-No ingredient list, no manufacturing and expiring dates :/

Overall, there is nothing wrong with the color, it just doesnot work for me. I might buy it in other colour, not sure about that either. Buy it if you liked the colour, if it works for you and if you are getting the eyeshadow for around 140-180 INR.

During Diwali season, Jabong had a offer on this brand. Buy two and get 40% off. All the Miyo products were allready on 50%  off and on top of that 40% off, so I got this at 140INR :D. These were originally priced at 450INR. Which is extremely high in my opinion.

Bought anything lately? Eyeshadow or lipstick? Impressed with this eyeshadow? Do let me know 🙂

Live life to the fullest.


And the search is still on for a Single brown eyeshadow… opens another tab in the browser and opens Google……………….

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  • Hi i love love love this eyeshadow and was wondering which website you bought it on? i have been looking for this eyeshadow everywhere and am wondering if you can help me with this?
    great article btw very informative!:)

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