Wedding dress Rants :P

Hi All 🙂 Whenever I used to see/hear people running for dresses for wedding, or whine saying that there isn’t a proper dress for them, how difficult it is go from one place to the other and finally settling for what they get, I would laugh my ass off. After all how difficult would it be […]

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How to Take Care of Your Skin at Night While You Sleep !

Hi All 🙂 Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people look amazing long into their golden years where others lose their youth before their thirtieth birthday? Well, the answer to this is not at all a simple one. Diet, genetics, lifestyle and environment all have incredibly important parts to play. So too does […]

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Finding A Quality Dentist For Your Family !!

Hi All 🙂 When you move to a new area, there is often a lot of things that you need to sort out, and one thing that is important to the health of you and your family’s teeth is finding a reputable and quality local dentist. If you do not move home very often, this […]

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Winter Dressing Essentials !!

Hi All 🙂 Are you one of those who gets Excited about the whole Autumn/winter season. The festivity, the celebrations, the fashion!! Chill in the Air makes everything better. Be it your makeup, which remains flawless at the end of the day or be it those snuggly sweaters. Which again makes things better. I don’t known, what […]

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Hi All 🙂 If you are a online shopper of clothing shoes /jewelry makeup, you will also be a deal hunter Whether it is spending certain amount to get an off or trying to apply that coupon to get that 10% off, we have all been there. And we do that almost every time and why not?  I […]

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All about the platform boots :)

Hi All 🙂 What do you makes an outfit complete? Accessories? Bags or shoes? In some cases I agree its Accessories but in most cases its the shoes.Imagine you wear an ankle length Pants or skirt and then wear casual flip-flops or wear casual home wear clothes ad pair it with boots. The idea of […]

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Top beauty courses in India

Hi All 🙂 In this competitive world, where in every sector there is stiff competition, looks or beauty are also not lagging behind, because of which people are ready to spend huge amount on their looks or their beauty. Bollywood celebrities or TV personalities are big trend setters these days and everyone not just people […]

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