Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Review

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Hi All 🙂 Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is what am I have been using recently to remove makeup. It isn’t the new thing in the market, but it is for the India. Also this isn’t the first review on this product, buttt.. I have been loving this so let me share my views too. Price: […]

Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World !!

Must-Try Beauty Secrets from Around the World, beauty secrets, skin care tips

Hi All 🙂 We all possess different kinds of beauty, but that doesn’t stop us from admiring someone’s flawless skin or silky smooth hair, and wondering “How did they achieve it?”Well, wonder no more. Here are some of the world’s best-kept beauty secrets that you should try right now. Bulgaria: Rose Water Did you know […]

Fiama Di Wills Body Wash Ashwagandha and Almond Review !

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Hello Lovelies 🙂 I Would put my choice of shower gels in miscellaneous!! Not fruity, not citursy, not flowery!! A fragrance that indirectly slaps me the morning, gets me ready for the day and gives me strength to socialize( ” Introvert problems”) And 99% I look for the Shower gels from Fiama Di wills, Palmolive, […]