Wedding dress Rants :P

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Whenever I used to see/hear people running for dresses for wedding, or whine saying that there isn’t a proper dress for them, how difficult it is go from one place to the other and finally settling for what they get, I would laugh my ass off.¬†After all how difficult would it be to get a dress? I mean there are thousands of shops right!!


Karma hit me bit fast. If you follow me on insta you might be knowing that I had attended¬†a wedding¬†few days back.Now finding a dress/wedding attires was bit of task….Err… A biggg task.
It was literally a night mare.

And imagine I was just attending one, it was not my wedding day.

Now that I think , how awesome it is to get everything online. Dresses for brides, for bridesmaid, the accessories. No need to rush from one place to the other, no need to break your head over asking about designs and you can decide a budget and stick to it. Specially the wedding dresses for a bride. When it comes to Indian wedding clothing, I still doubt that we can rely completely on online dresses, however when it comes to western white gowns I find the dresses shown online have a better collection.

Wedding Dress

If you are into vintage wedding dresses¬†, if you like the those classic cuts, designs fabric with the touch of modern twist, you will like the collection by JJ’S HOUSE. JJ’S HOUSE are in the game from 2007, they specialize¬†in wedding gowns, special event dresses, wedding party dresses, and accessories. They not only secure the whole purchasing experience¬†but also make sure that the dresses are delivered to the doorsteps in expedite manner. Making sure that you¬†get your dresses at the right time. The whole return process is also worry free.

In the website the dresses are neatly classified under sections. so that you can pick the exact dress from the collection you are looking for and once you click on the dress, the entire information regarding the dress is given in detail. As well as you will get a dresses in the recommend list, similar designs to the one you have clicked on. Making your whole experience easy one.

Let us look at some of the dress. If you like the classic designs you can go for the first two. I keep seeing them on brides from time to time but they are vintagy. No one can go wrong with them. And every bride is bound to look perfect in these. And if you  like a bit of twist like me, you can choose something like the next two. Where a little color is thrown here and there.



Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Next time you want a gown dont forget to check out JJ’S HOUSE. You will not only land on the perfect dress, you will also save loads¬†of time and some bucks. Something¬†very useful¬†in stressful¬†time like your wedding ūüėČ

Happy shopping

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